Colorful traditional market with crafts and textiles.

Argentina’s handcraft scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of cultural heritage and artisanal skill. These crafts aren’t just trinkets; they’re storied pieces of a nation’s heart and soul.

The Cultural Significance

Argentinian handcrafts embody the nation’s diverse culture, with indigenous, Spanish, and modern influences. They’re steeped in history and tradition, serving as a window into the country’s multifaceted identity.

Popular Handcraft Markets

From the bustling Feria de Mataderos in Buenos Aires to the quaint stalls of Mercado Artesanal Tradicional in Salta, Argentina’s markets are treasure troves of local craftsmanship.

Types of Argentine Handcrafts

Leather Goods

Argentina’s leather industry is renowned, with artisans creating everything from sturdy belts to elegant handbags. Leatherwork here is truly second to none.


Textiles are a colorful testament to Argentina’s heritage. Look for woolen ponchos from the Andes or handwoven rugs from the North, each with patterns telling a unique story.


Silverwork in Argentina is both an art and a legacy, with pieces ranging from intricate jewelry to sophisticated cutlery that could make a magpie swoon.

Wood Crafts

Patagonia’s wood craftsmen turn nature into art, offering everything from hand-carved bowls to sculptures that encapsulate the wild spirit of the South.


Argentinian ceramics are a delightful fusion of indigenous motifs and contemporary aesthetics, perfect for adding a touch of Latin America to any home.

Mate Accessories

The mate ritual is central to Argentine life, and the array of calabash gourds and silver bombillas available is astounding.

Shopping in Argentina

Buenos Aires – A Shopper’s Haven

Buenos Aires is a shopping mecca, where high-end boutiques coexist with artisanal street fairs. The city is a playground for those with a flair for fashion and a passion for the unique.

The Artisans of Patagonia

Venture to the south and you’ll discover Patagonia’s artisans, whose works are as raw and rugged as the landscape from which they draw their inspiration.

The Gaucho Markets of the Pampas

The Pampas region, with its rich gaucho heritage, offers up leather and silverwork that echoes the lives of the Argentine cowboys.

The Northern Regions’ Indigenous Crafts

In the North, indigenous crafts abound, from colorful woven baskets to detailed pottery, each item a narrative of ancestral knowledge.

Souvenirs to Bring Back

Classic Argentine Leather Products

A well-crafted leather jacket or a custom-made pair of boots should definitely find its way into your suitcase.

Authentic Argentine Textiles

Wrap yourself in the warmth of an artisanal poncho or decorate your space with a vibrant textile wall hanging.

Mate Sets

A complete mate set is a must-have, ensuring you can share this beloved tradition back home.

Silver Jewelry and Ornaments

Select a piece of exquisite silver jewelry or an ornate ornament to add some Argentine elegance to your daily life.

Rhodochrosite Stones

These pink gems, known as the national stone of Argentina, are as beautiful as they are unique.

Indigenous Artifacts and Pottery

Indigenous pottery and carvings make for meaningful and authentic souvenirs that support local communities.

Tips for Shopping in Argentina

Bargaining and Negotiations

While bargaining can be part of the fun, always do so with respect and understand when a price is firm.

Authenticity Checks

Keep an eagle eye out for genuine articles and don’t be shy to ask for proof of authenticity when purchasing high-end items.

Shopping Etiquette

Remember, a smile and polite conversation can go a long way, potentially leading to a better deal or at least a more enjoyable shopping experience.


Embracing the art of Argentine shopping and handcrafts is not just about acquiring goods; it’s about storytelling and the joy of bringing a part of Argentina’s soul back home. These souvenirs are not mere objects; they’re the melody of a country’s cultural symphony, ready to resonate long after you’ve left its shores.