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Top 8 Best Beaches in Cartagena

Playa Blanca, Isla Baru

Baru is one of the most important tourist sites of the beaches in Cartagena. It has transparent waters, white and pink sands, water mirrors, underwater gardens and several conduits that are surrounded by mangroves and corals of multiple colors.

Getting to Baru is simple: you can do it by land or by sea. If you decide to go by sea, you must cross the Canal de Dique you arrive at Pasacaballos and there you take a ferry.

If you go by car you follow the road and you can park your vehicle in a safe place.

You can also get to Baru by crossing the bay of Cartagena through boats that leave daily from the tourist pier.

Tierra Bomba

This coast is located in the western Caribbean, south of the city of Cartagena de Indias and north of the Baru Peninsula. Its climate is completely tropical and this coast can be reached by boat, so it will seem like one of the beaches near Cartagena.

Tierra Bomba is distinguished for having an extensive shore of calm, crystalline waters and white sand.

Travelers have two options for their enjoyment: Native Sector and Exclusive Sector. Those who choose the Native Sector will be able to enjoy the quiet beach of Punta Arena.

On the other hand, those who prefer the Exclusive Sector will be able to enjoy the beach club of the Tropical Inn hotel, where they will have at their disposal umbrellas and folding beds to relax under the sun.

Public Beach in Múcura Island

The waters of this island are green and blue, warm and calm.

Visitors can take boat trips and in just five minutes visit the coral areas of the country, specifically Tintipán Island, neighboring Múcura or any of the beaches and islands of Cartagena.

In addition, if it is about gastronomy, visitors make their stop at the Alcatraz restaurant: a place that offers a buffet with fresh fruits of the Caribbean, and if the tourist prefers something lighter, they have the option of going to Los Fritos de Olivia, who prepares the arepas de huevos in this island and you can also taste them in the best beaches of Cartagena de Indias.

If tranquility is your north, you have the possibility to stay at the Punta Faro Hotel (see below)

La Casa en El Agua

It is a 25 year old wooden house with solid concrete foundations. An Eco-Friendly Hostel for backpackers, managed by a cheerful team of locals.

The hostel is located in the San Bernardo archipelago, only two hours by boat from Cartagena. It’s up to you or your temporary family to decide whether to relax, find your inner self, enjoy the serene atmosphere or turn up the volume and let the drinks flow.

Whatever your decision, we dare say we offer the best hangover cure in South America: A bed with an ocean view and access to jump off the second floor into the clear waters of the Caribbean.

Tintinpan Island

It is one of the largest islands located southwest of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Tintinpán is surrounded by mangrove swamps and marshes, and thanks to the state of conservation, there are natural barriers which prevent visitors from walking the entire island.

Tintinpán is an almost deserted island and has no hotel infrastructure or inns of its own, except for the Eco-Hotel Puntanorte, located in the north of the island. If one of your destinations is vacationing, taking pictures on the beaches of Cartagena de Indias and also enjoying nature, you should visit Tintinpán.

You can get there by bus, which transports you to the municipality of Tolú and once there, you can take a boat ride to the island, which has some of the most visited beaches in Cartagena.

Cholon Island Rosario Islands

Cholon has a crystalline blue sea of little depth, palm trees and dry palm huts. In Cholon Island you can not only enjoy birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, different boat rumbas, near the island.

And yes, if you are also looking for water sports, here you will find: scuba diving, snorkeling and motorcycle rides. You can’t miss an adventure in Cholon, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cartagena.

How to Get to Cholon ? You can reach this destination either by car taking the road to Barú or by boat leaving one of the marinas in the city.

From the marinas in Cartagena head to the Muelle de La Bodeguita, Muelle Naval or La Marina de Manga, representative docks of the city and from there the boats leave daily.

Isla Palma

Located two hours by boat from Cartagena, and surrounded by coral beaches, marshes and mangroves, Isla Palma has become a must-see destination for those looking to leave their work and obligations aside and simply relax.

Isla Palma is a private island that currently receives daily at least 40 tourists from all over the world who seek these beaches for their tranquility, location and the diversity of species that live there.

Punta Faro Beach

Located 2 hours from Cartagena by boat, the beach of Punta Faro is one of the most beautiful in the San Bernardo archipelago.

The hotel has all the services, being one of the most important considering that we are on an island, is the fresh water; offers a wide variety of food, the rooms are large, meals and very nice, some with sea view;

The beach although small, has crystal clear water, allowing you to see a variety of fish; the atmosphere is of absolute tranquility, they have a policy called philosophy of silence;

It is an absolutely beautiful place, there is a hamlet nearby, outside the hotel, called Puerto Caracol, where you can get the typical food of the region, truly delicious; the hotel has several packages that are also obtained with the natives, one of which in my opinion was the best, the plankton.

hotel punta faro @puntafaro
hotel punta faro @puntafaro

Cartagena Beaches FAQ

What are the most Quiet Beaches in Cartagena ?

Going to the beach in Cartagena de Indias is both an experience and an adventure. Countless vendors will insist on selling their wares and try to convince the unsuspecting tourists with all kinds of fanfare and arguments in the best Gypsy style. Be sure to bring along a sense of humor. The Islas del Rosario are a great spot to rest and relax.

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