Hostal 1511

Charming accommodation in the city center, colonial atmosphere.

15 standard double rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, television and snack bar.

  • Telephone: 21 64 57 00 | 21 64 57 01
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Ciro Frías, between Rubert López & Maceo
  • Price : 59 – 64 Cuc

Hostal la Habanera

Hotel is ideally located on the central park of Baracoa

10 standard double rooms with private bathroom, satellite TV and telephone.

Nice balcony at the front of the hotel where you can have a drink, relax and watch the world go by.

The lobby includes a bar, and a gaviota desk for booking excursions.

It also offers some of the best restaurant cuisine in Baracoa.


The Casa de Cultura organizes from time to time events that can be noisy.

  • Telephone 21 64 52 73 | 21 64 52 74
  • Address: 126 Maceo Street, between Maraví and Frank País.
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Price : 59 to 64 Cuc

Hotel El Castillo

One of the hotels with the most beautiful view in Cuba, converted from one of the old forts of Baracoa.

The pool and its terrace offer a magnificent panoramic view, but it is the bar on the third floor that offers one of the best views

It can be reached by a steep staircase or by a curved path.

54 air-conditioned double and triple rooms, satellite TV, security box and telephone lines. Swimming pool, snack bar, barbecue, restaurant, store, medical services and parking

It was one of the three forts in Baracoa, built in 1770 to keep the British out. It later became a prison

Good value for money.

Hostal Río Miel

This seaside hostel is Gaviota’s newest offering, having opened in late 2013 with simple accommodations.

Located next to La Rusa, it is one of the best options in the city, since everything is practically new.

The 12 double rooms are divided into two blocks in a three-story building

La Rusa Hotel

La Rusa, is the most mythical hotel in Baracoa.

Magdalena Rovieskuya, known here as La rusa, was a Russian aristocrat who fled the revolution in her own country to Cuba where she founded this simple inn in the 1930s.

The Russian emigrant once helped the revolution by welcoming Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and his troops.

Although the hotel is modest, people are fighting to have access to the rooms where the revolutionary commanders slept.

12 standard double rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, television

  • Address: 161 Máximo Gómez Street, between Ciro Frías and Pelayo Cuervo.
  • Tel : 21 64 30 11 | 21 64 35 70
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 46 – 55 Cuc

Villa Maguana

Located on a spectacular and secluded white sand beach, 20 km (12 miles) north of Baracoa, this is one of the few small and intimate beach hotels in Cuba.

The sand is white and the waters are protected by a cove.

16 standard double rooms with air conditioning and private bathroom,

Television, safe and telephone. Barbecue, and private parking.

There is a restaurant and a bar on the beach.

As there are only a few rooms, book well in advance through the Hotel Castillo or in the Gaviota offices.

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