Best hotels in Havana Booking Tips & Essentials

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  • Best hotels in Havana Vieja North : Casa Vieja Hostal, Hostal Valencia, Ambos Mundos, Hotel Conde de Village Nueva
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Havana Vieja: Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel Sevilla, Hotel Parque Central,
  • Best Hotels in Havana Vedado : Hotel Capri, Hotel Havana Libre, Hotel Melia Coiba, Hotel Presidente
  • Casas particulares (rooms in private homes) are the most economical solution in Havana and the rest of the country, although they are much more expensive than elsewhere in Havana. Approved Cuban families are allowed to rent only two rooms per house, with a maximum of two people per room, unless the third person is a child.
  • Average Prices for hotels in Havana : 25 to 50 Usd
  • Best booking platforms in Havana : Expedia or Trivago. has almost no offer in Cuba. AirBnb is best for Casas Particulares.
  • How to get the best prices for hotels : It is better to book online. Suprisingly, they charge up to 25% more when you book onsite in all Cuba.
  • Tips for booking Casas Particulares : Beware of the so-called “jineteros”: the scams are numerous. As in all the cities of the island, Cubans will approach you to take you to a particular casa. These “jineteros” in Cuba receive a commission from the owners of the guesthouse when they bring tourists to the guesthouse. In other words, your night will be automatically increased by 5 CUC, or even much more! So there is no point in following them.

Charming Hotels in Havana Vieja north

La Habana Vieja – north and south – is the district that arouses the most enthusiasm when visiting Havana, even if one can find fault with the overly “licked” aspect of some places (especially Plaza Vieja).

The accommodations we have selected will guarantee you an ideal location to visit the city.

Casa Vieja Hostal

A kind of mansion with 3 rooms on the ground floor and 7 rooms upstairs almost all with balcony.

They are comfortable, decorated with sobriety, offering moreover a beautiful height of ceiling.

On the terrace, there is a bar-restaurant in the old style, full of charm, ideal for a refreshing break at the end of the day.

Don’t miss, at the entrance, the room that exhibits the works of contemporary Cuban artists.

  • Adress: Calle Habana n°203 at the corner of Tejadillo
  • Tel : +53 7 863 1009 / +53 7 863 2927
  • Prices : Double room at 30 CUC, breakfast at 5 CUC
  • Restaurant: 10 CUC the meal, open from 10h to 21h.

Hostal Valencia

An old small palace built in the 18th century for the Count of Sotolongo: wooden ceilings, wrought iron balconies, a real little gem.

The Hostal Valencia is actually the same hotel as El Comendador.

The two have two different names because the prices of the Valencia are softer.

The same establishment, with differences in the standing of the rooms: a real puzzle!

From your balcony you can almost shake hands with the neighbour across the street: 12 of the 14 rooms overlook the narrow Obrapía street.

As far as the restaurant is concerned, the Valencian-style paella is not very copious, but delicious: the chefs (including one woman) have won two international competitions.

La Paella Restaurant (from noon to 10 pm) and on the first floor, the Casa del Tabaco (from 10 am to 8 pm) and the bar-cafeteria.

  • Adress: At the corner of Obrapía Calle Oficios 53
  • Tel: +53 7 867 1037
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room at 55 CUC, double room from 70 CUC, breakfast included.
  • Restaurant: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar.

Ambos Mundos Hotel

Located a stone’s throw from the Plaza de Armas.

Restaurant, AC, fan, satellite TV and bar.

Its most famous client, Hemingway, first stayed there in 1939. It is within its walls that he is said to have started his novel For Whom the Bell Tolls. The photos in the vast entrance hall evoke the presence of the writer.

For the rest, comfort on all floors (air conditioning, TV, fan) despite a moderately successful decoration in the rooms.

His room, No 511, preserved as it is, has been transformed into a mini-museum (visit possible every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Free for guests, 2 CUC for people outside the hotel.

The beautifully shaded roof terrace has contributed to the good reputation of the establishment.

  • Adress: Calle Obispo N°153 At the corner of Mercaderes
  • Tel: +53 7 860 9530
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room between 80 and 100 CUC and double room between 85 and 160 CUC, breakfast included.

Luxury hotels in Havana Vieja North

Hotel Conde de Villa Nueva

Beautiful hotel with yellow and cream interior shades, located in the heart of Old Havana

Pretty patio with arcades, where the floral decoration is no less successful than the res.

Perhaps you will come across the peacocks and the pretty ornamental hens on the loose

Far from the urban bustle of the capital, you catch your breath, relax and simply enjoy the moment.

Listen to the birds, happiness is never far away.

Another special feature is that the names of the rooms refer directly to the different varieties of Cuban tobacco.

  • Adress: Calle Mercaderes N° 202 At the corner of Lamparilla
  • Tel: +53 7 862 9293 / +53 7 862 9294
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 88 to 95 CUC, double room from 135 to 200 CUC, breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar

Hotel Santa Isabel

Very classy hotel, with an architecture representative of the Hispanic colonial style, located a few meters from the Plaza de Armas and the Villa San Cristobal de La Habana, home of the Counts of Santoveni

Personalized service and comfort worthy of its star

Reservation recommended, the establishment is often full and frequented by the greats of this worl

For the record, it was in this hotel that the former American president, Jimmy Carter, slept during his official visit to Havana (the second since 2002) in the spring of 2011.

  • Adress: Between Obispo and Narciso López Calle Baratillo 9 +53 7 860 8201
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 130 CUC to 175 CUC, double room from 200 to 290 CUC, breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar
  • Check-in at 16h.

Charming hotels in Havana Vieja south

Hotel El Comendador

Charming establishment. Located near Plaza San Francisco de Asis, quiet, it combines sobriety and comfort.

With its architecture and lines directly inspired by the Spanish mudejar style, it is hard to resist its rustic 18th century inn atmosphere.

  • Adress: Calle Obrapia N°55, corner of Baratillo
  • Tel: +53 7 867 1037
  • Single room from 70 to 80 CUC, double room from 110 to 130 CUC, breakfast included
  • Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar

Hotel Los Frailes

Installed in the house of a French army captain in the 18th century, this hotel has been remarkably well modernized, and its historical charm is intact

The rooms are very comfortable and the high prices are justified

For the record, if the name of the hotel refers to the frailes, or monks, it is because the captain had many monks among his friends and he regularly accommodated them during their stay in Havana.

  • Adress: Between Calle Oficios and Calle Mercaderes. Calle Teniente Rey
  • Tel: +53 7 862 9383 / +537 862 9718
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 70 to 81 CUC, double from 110 to 132 CUC.

Hotel Raquel

Art nouveau style, it is largely inspired by Jewish culture. Admire in particular the hall, very spacious, its marbles and the beautiful stained glass window. Bar, restaurant, gym and sauna are also available.

  • Adress: Calle Amargura N° 103, corner of San Ignacio +53 7 860 8280
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 85 to 140 CUC, double room from 135 to 200 CUC, breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar.
  • Sumptuous hotel of 25 rooms built in 1905.

Olga Lopez Hernandez

Olga, the adorable mistress of the house, has the merit of not trying to take the tourists for cash cows.

Ideally located in the heart of the Habana Vieja, this is a godsend for all travellers.

The pleasant interior patio and the cleanliness of the place add a few points to the good note of this address.

There are other special casas in the same building, if necessary.

  • Adress: Apto 1 – Calle Cuba n° 611 Between Luz and Santa Clara
  • Tel : +53 7 867 4561
  • [email protected]
  • Prices: from 30 CUC per room
  • Breakfast : 5 CUC
  • Two rooms with shared bathroom and air conditioning.

Luxury Hotels in Havana Viaja

Hotel Saratoga

Cheap Hotels in Havana Center

If the hustle and bustle and noise don’t scare you, staying at Centro Habana will put you in the heart of the city, in the most popular area of Havana.

The architecture is less smooth and more heterogeneous than in Havana Vieja or the Vedado: ruined barracks are next to well-kept and well-kept houses.

This is the place to be if you have a thirst for authenticity and wish to share the daily life of the Havanese.

Barbara y Christmas

In a large apartment in the heart of Centro Habana, you will live locally with a welcoming family

Barbara is married to Noel, a professional taxi driver who will be able to set up a tailor-made tour for you

Their son also lives there with his wife, and he has a small phone shop where you can rent local sim cards and buy phone credit top-ups

The 3 rooms are simple but comfortable, all equipped with air conditioning and a TV

You will enjoy the large kitchen and spacious living room

Other services on offer include a tour of Havana in a 1950s Chevrolet (20 CUC per ride).

  • Adress: San Rafael n°460 Between Calle Lealtad y Campanario
  • Tel : +53 7 864 1846 / +53 5 266 1546
  • Prices: Double room at 25 CUC, breakfast at 5 CUC, meal at 10 CUC
  • Amenities: Laundry service included
  • Other: local sim card rental service at 3 CUC per day.

Candida & Pedro

Given the quality of the service, the nice interior patio, the possibility of using the kitchen if you wish, this is one of the best value for money in the center of Havana, especially since coffee is offered.

You should also know that you will always eat with the family that welcomes you: here, there is no question of leaving a tourist alone at the table, it is a tradition

And this will help you to become better acquainted with Cuban culture

If you don’t speak Spanish, your hosts speak English as well.

However, we regret that the owners of the casa are away for several months of the year, as they leave the keys of the house in the hands of moderately friendly staff, who will give you a cold shower on arrival…

So make sure the owners are present before you take a room, for a friendly atmosphere during your stay.

  • Adress: Calle San Rafael no 403, between Calle Manrique and Calle Campanario / Ground floor. Close to Calle Galiano and 300 m from Chinatown
  • Tel: +53 7 867 8902 / +53 5 268 4527
  • Website:
  • Prices: From 20 to 30 CUC
  • Amenities: Private bathroom for all rooms. AC, fan, refrigerator, safe, intercom at the entrance
  • Rooms: One double room, one room for up to 3 people and one room for up to 4 people
  • Restaurant: Meals from 6 to 12 CUC, breakfast from 3 to 5 CUC.

Casa 1940

In a house built in 1940, in both ancient and modern style, two pleasant rooms offer all the necessary comfort

It is possible to rent both for a family or friends

In this case, the prices are lowered since each room costs 25 CUC, but you will have to share the bathroom

From the living room, decorated with black and white photos of Havana in the 1940s, don’t miss the beautiful view of the sea and the Malecón that you can admire from the balcony.

  • Adress: Calle San Lázaro n°409 Between Calle Manrique and Calle Campanario
  • Tel: +53 7 863 7487 / +53 7 864 5246 / +53 5 264 3858
  • Website:
  • Rooms: Double room at 30 CUC
  • Breakfast: 5 CUC.


Three well-kept rooms that look out onto a pretty interior patio, all in length: a pleasant compromise between price and comfort

But only one room has a private bathroom (the bathroom of the two other rooms is however really next door).

All the rooms, on the other hand, are air-conditioned but also equipped with a safe and a mini bar

You will also find a bright living room to rest.

Chinatown and the casa de la musica are only a few steps away

Warm and attentive welcome from Dayamis and her husband.

  • Adress: 1st floor Calle San Rafael n° 312 Between Galiano and San Nicolás Relatively central location
  • Tel: +53 7 866 0586 / +53 5 381 9811
  • Prices: Count from 20 to 25 CUC for each of the three air-conditioned rooms, correct and equipped with a refrigerator
  • Breakfast: 5 CUC
  • Amenities: Possibility to use the kitchen.

Hostal Robles

They are comfortable with a modern bathroom, air conditioning and safe

The house belongs to a Dayron Robles, the former world record holder of the 110 m hurdles

He is often at home and you can see photos of his career and his encounters with celebrities on the patio.

  • Adress: Calle Escobar n°161 Between Animas y Virtudes
  • Tel : +53 7 867 3640 |+53 5 832 1528
  • Prices: Double room at 25 CUC, breakfast 5 CUC, meal from 10 to 12 CUC.
  • Big casa with a very nice patio around which all the rooms are organized

Maria Dominguez Hernandez

The patio is pleasant and brings freshness and luminosity to the whole. The strong point of this house is actually the warm welcome of Maria and her mother. You quickly feel at home.

  • Adress: San Rafael n°505. Between Calle Lealtad y Escobar
  • Tel: +53 7 867 3118 / +53 7 863 3376 / +53 5 264 8148
  • Website: / CH062
  • Prices: Double room at 25 CUC, breakfast at 4 CUC, meal from 6 to 7 CUC
  • Three rooms with simple but sufficient comfort with air conditioning, TV, bathroom…


Reysa, a lawyer, is very kind and will receive you with warmth

She lives there with her 16 year old son while her eldest son, a percussionist by profession, travels around Cuba from concert to concert.

You won’t be able to miss her photos on the wall in the entrance hall, not far from the santeria altar, which is also worth seeing! Special mention for the breakfast which is very complete

A brand new casa de Centro Habana but already a good address. Pleasant colonial house with high ceilings and a patio.

  • Adress: Calle Manrique n°65 Between San Lazaro y Lagunas
  • Tel: +53 7 866 2373 / +53 5 263 7948
  • Rooms: One double room with private bathroom at 25 CUC, one double room with outside bathroom at 15 CUC
  • Restaurant: Breakfast at 5 CUC, meals from 8 to 10 CUC

Zenaida Moreno & Kiki

Close to the central park and a few steps from the restaurant La Guarida (shooting of the movie Fresa y Chocolate) in one of the most beautiful streets of Centro Habana, you will feel immersed in the heart of Cuba

The rooms are simple, with a slightly kitschy decoration, but very clean, quiet and independent

They are located on the first floor and are accessed by a small outside staircase that leads to the inner courtyard of the building

Each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, television and refrigerator

A warm welcome from Zenaida.

  • Adress: Concordia No 416. Between Gervasio and Escobar
  • Tel: +53 7 862 2715 / +53 5 296 2772
  • Rooms: 2 rooms at 25 CUC
  • Amenities: AC, fan, refrigerator and independent bathroom
  • Breakfast: 4 CUC

Best Charming Hotels in Havana Center

Casa 1932

Our favorite at Centro Habana ! This sublime colonial house built in 1932 (hence the name) but very well restored and with a green patio, contains 3 bedrooms with private bathroom.

The owner, Luis, is warm and will be at your service

For the record, his grandfather, of Palestinian origin, fell in love at first sight with a Cuban girl, and he came to live with her in Cuba in the early 1950s…

The decoration remained as if frozen at that time, just before the 1959 Revolution

And a crazy charm emanates from the place! You will find many antiques in the living room but also in the patio like those metal panels of Coca-Cola pubs or this old bathroom scale that still works.

Not all of these antiques belonged to the family; it is Luis, a great lover of antiques, who acquired most of them and he will be delighted to present his impressive collection (photos, sculptures, vases, coins…).

Thus, the photo of Frank Sinatra at the Hotel Nacional, just before his concert, on the occasion of the Cuban mafia meeting, is simply collector’s item.

As for the rooms, they are spacious and the furniture refined

They are all equipped with fridge, safe, air conditioning and fan

One of the three rooms, called “Louis XVI”, is the “deluxe” room of the casa.

Tastefully decorated, it is decorated with huge mirrors and a complimentary bottle of wine awaits guests.

It’s a real little love nest

The breakfast is gargantuan (with pancakes and peanut butter, extremely rare products in the casas!) and the meals delicious

They are served in the pleasant patio, or in the cosy lounge near the entrance

An exceptional address.

Good to know: The owner of the casa also organizes themed guided tours of Havana aboard a superb American car

Among the tours offered, two are very popular: the “Art Deco Tour” (an overview of all the Art Deco buildings in the capital), or the “Mafia Tour” (which takes you to the main sites of the Mafia’s glory days in Cuba)

Count 35 CUC per person.

  • Adress: Calle Campanario n°63 Between San Lázaro and Calle Lagunas
  • Tel: +53 7 863 6203 / +53 5 264 3858
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room from 20 to 40 CUC depending on size
  • Restaurant: Breakfast at 5 CUC. Meal from 12 to 15 CUC.

Best Luxury Hotels in Havana Center

Hotel Inglaterra

Located in front of the magnificent central park with century-old trees

The Capitolio is also within walking distance

Single room from 79 CUC, double room from 126 CUC, breakfast included

Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV and bar

Internet (4,50 CUC per hour) but no Wifi.

Inaugurated in 1875, making it the oldest hotel in Cuba, the building has been declared a national monument

Beautiful neoclassical façade, with interiors straight out of the colonial era

Following the example of Sevilla, some celebrities have stayed here, such as Sarah Bernhardt or Federico Garcia Llorca.

  • Adress: Central Park – Paseo del Prado 416 Corner of San Rafael
  • Tel: +53 7 860 8594

Hotel Mercure Sevilla

Located on the famous Prado Avenue, close to the Capitolio and not far from the Malecón.

This century-old, nine-storey building, one of the oldest in the capital, illustrates the Arab-Andalusian style, with its beautiful entrance and overgrown facade.

Great personalities such as Eroll Flynn, Caruso, Josephine Baker and Tito have stayed here.

On the top floor, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city from the restaurant

One of the few hotels in the historic centre with a swimming pool.

  • Adress: Between Prado and Zulueta. Calle Trocadero 55
  • Tel: +53 7 860 8560
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room from 170 to 240 CUC (depending on the standing of the room) breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV, bar and Wifi access (8 CUC per hour).

Hotel Parque Central

Guests who are not hotel guests should go to the more modern wing of the hotel in the basement cafeteria to buy a Wifi card and get connected.

Ideally located a short walk from the Prado and not far from the Malecón, this is one of the most recently renovated buildings in Havana

There is a superb rooftop swimming pool (reserved for hotel guests) and a state-of-the-art conference room.

  • Adress: Neptuno, at the corner of Prado y Zulueta streets
  • Tel : +53 7 860 6627
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 220 to 265 CUC, double from 320 to 370 CUC, buffet breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, TV Satellite, bar and Wifi access (6 CUC per hour or 2.25 CUC per thirty minutes).

Best cheap hotels in Havana El Vedado

A neighborhood of well-to-do families in Havana at the beginning of the revolution, the Vedado is still a residential area today, even if the activity, day and night, is increasingly important.

Calle 23, also known as the Rampa, is one of the most lively avenues in the capital.

Bars, cabarets and nightclubs abound there.

But the Vedado and its more recent extension, the Nuevo Vedado, have seen more and more bars and clubs since Raul Castro’s reforms, which allow individuals to legally establish their own establishments.

It is therefore the entire Vedado that tends to be lively in the evenings and not just La Rampa, as has long been the case

For those who like to go out, this area is therefore a good base camp for playing night birds.

But, rest assured, the Vedado remains a very quiet area to sleep and in the casas you will not hear the slightest noise because the places to go out are never nearby.

There are many special casas in the Vedado, especially in front of the university; on Calle 21 between Calle J and Calle O or on Calle Linea.

Alicia Horta

A beautiful apartment in a cosy building of the 1950s, in the heart of the Vedado and two minutes walk from the Malecón.

3 clean, spacious and comfortable rooms, all with air conditioning and fridge.

Only one room has a private bathroom, the other two share the same but this can be convenient for friends or family.

Large bay window, with a nice view of Calle Linea and the Malecon, in the breakfast room.

Alicia, a retired pediatrician, as well as her sister and her daughter are warmly welcomed.

  • Adress: Calle Linea No 53, 2nd floor Between Calle M and Calle N
  • Tel : +53 7 832 8439 / +53 5 291 6121 / +53 5 357 0100
  • Prices: 30 CUC the double room
  • Restaurant: Breakfast 5 CUC , Meal 8 to 10 CUC.

Angela Muñiz Rubio

This address offers a nice colonial setting.

You will take advantage of the quietness generated by the small covered patio of the house to rest from the animation of the capital.

Don’t miss the wall decoration imagined by Enrique, Angela’s husband!

  • Adress: San Miguel No 1116 Between Mazon and Basarrate. Located in the university district, 50 metres from Infanta and a stone’s throw from Calle Ronda.
  • Tel: +53 7 879 6851
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: 2 double rooms with 25 or 30 CUC.
  • Restaurant: Breakfast 3 CUC Dinner 7 CUC
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, private bathroom.

Blanco Jorgeet Montejo Lisett

If you are russian speaking, no problem, he also speaks very good russian! Jorge and his wife take care of the tourists who sleep at home.

As soon as you arrive, you will be treated to a welcome cocktail. Very quickly, you really feel at home.

The house has all the modern comforts and the rooms are bright and cosy.

As far as food is concerned, we really advise you to have dinner or lunch on the spot, because the dishes are excellent: the picadillo a la habanera is smooth and the crema de viandas succulent, to mention only these two.

As for breakfast, it is so substantial that you will have a hard time eating at lunchtime.

Among other conveniences, your hosts provide you with a hairdryer, filtered water at will, a fridge, a washing machine (5 CUC for washing).

All in all, we love this house and its owners

It’s our big favorite!

  • Adress: Between calle F y G (Avenida de los Presidentes) , Calle 9 n°403
  • Tel: +53 5 282 8768 / +53 5 249 9314
  • Prices: Double room at 30 CUC
  • Restaurant: Full breakfast at 5 CUC, meal from 10 to 12 CUC.

Camilo Martinez Finlay

Three double rooms, completely refurbished with bathrooms where the water pressure is good, in a superb colonial residence

You will love strolling through the Andalusian-style patio decorated with refined Sevillian mosaics.

The high ceiling decorated with beautiful mouldings gives the house even more cachet, and how not to fall blissfully in admiration before the imposing period chandelier in the living room.

The big plus of the house is also the warm welcome of Camilo and his father, an octogenarian with impressive dynamism; this retired Cuban ambassador has travelled a lot, he is an encyclopaedia in his own right.

Finally, father and son are really good at cooking and we highly recommend that you dine there at least once

Papi’s coconut flan is a delicacy that we still remember! You get it: this house is an excellent address.

On the terrace of the house you will find the lounge bar Encuentro, which also belongs to the family.

It is very pleasant in the evening because of its beautiful view of the Vedado and because you can enjoy a good mojito just a few steps from your room.

Not bad when you are tired when you arrive in Havana!

Don’t worry: from the rooms, you won’t hear a noise coming from the ba

We tested and approved this silence.

  • Adress: Between L and M streets Calle Linea n°112
  • Tel: +53 7 832 9744 / +53 5 264 9745
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: 30 CUC the double room
  • Restaurant: Breakfast between 3 and 5 CUC, lunch and dinner between 8 and 12 CUC.

Casa Cubita

Adela welcomes you warmly as if you were part of the family. The rooms are bright, spacious and impeccably clean. They are all equipped with a small fridge, a fan and air conditioning

The bathrooms are modern and the water pressure is good. The plus: the apartment is in the heart of the Vedado, perfect for outings The minus: the stairs without elevator.

But apart from this small detail, you will feel so comfortable in Adela’s apartment that you will have difficulty leaving the premises Really, this casa is one of our favorites in the Vedado.

  • Adress: Avenida Linea n°252 – Entre Calle J y L, apartment 7, top floor
  • Tel: +53 7 833 2800 / +53 5 282 8719
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room from 25 to 30 CUC
  • Meals: Breakfast 5 CUC – Dinner from 7 to 10 CUC.

Casa Elaine

Superb colonial house of 1916, former residence of the Cuban vice-president in the 1940s. Elaine loves France and speaks French Rooms very well furnished, very clean and tastefully decorated One of our favorites.

  • Adress: Calle G no 260, between Calle 11 and Calle 13
  • Tel: +53 7 832 4108 / +53 5 2751876
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Amenities: 5 air-conditioned bedrooms, bright and with an independent bathroom
  • Prices: Between 30 CUC and 35 CUC the double room
  • Meals: Complete breakfast at 5 CUC. Meal from 7 to 12 CUC.

Casa Jorge

In a beautiful colonial house with a pretty pink facade, a stone’s throw from the Rampa and facing a green park, you will appreciate the tranquility of the place and the spacious rooms perfectly equipped.

The patio is pleasant to have breakfast there but also, in the evening, to taste a small cocktail in the soft evening breeze A warm welcome in perfect French from Jorge.

  • Adress: Calle C n°560, bajos. Enter Calle 23 and Calle 25
  • Tel: +53 7 831 7101 / +53 5 3610 038
  • Prices: Double room at 30 CUC
  • Meals: Full breakfast at 5 CUC, meal from 10 to 12 CUC.

Best charm Hotels in Havana El Vedado

Apartment Derita Paula

2 double bedrooms completely redone and perfectly equipped with TV, air conditioning, a mini-chest, a new bathroom with good water pressure, and an ultra-modern kitchen (with oven, hob, microwave) in a nice independent, bright apartment with large cupboards and a nice terrace, all located on the 2nd floor of a house.

You can rent the rooms alone or the whole apartment with the two bedrooms, which is perfect for a family with children or friends.

If you have a smaller budget, you can also rent the apartment on the ground floor for 20 CUC per night, but the comfort is lower than the one on the 2nd floor because it has not been refurbished.

Rita Paula, the owner, lives on the 1st floor of the house and is at your disposal.

Her son, Elio, who speaks French, is a self-employed driver with an official licence. He can show you Havana by car and drive you wherever you want for a good price.

Please also note that the apartment is located in a residential area of Nuevo Vedado, a little out of the center, so it is better to have a car for shopping and sightseeing, or to use Elio’s services.

Another possibility: Elio puts at your disposal a mountain bike for 4 CUC per day, but it is important to park it in the bike parks in town so as not to have it stolen (the padlock is not enough because thieves are equipped) otherwise you will have to pay it back.

He also rents a motorbike at 20 CUC per day (beware of theft too)

Finally, you will appreciate the calm that reigns in this area

It is, in short, a good address.

  • Adress: Between Calle 35 and Calle 37, Nuevo Vedado San Juan Batista n°59
  • Tel: +53 7 883 6713 / +53 5 2836 178
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: 2 double rooms with 25 CUC each and independent bathroom. For small budgets, also an apartment at 20 CUC.
  • Other: Possibility to rent the whole apartment with the 2 bedrooms and the kitchen for 50 CUC per day

Casa Chez Fragnol

A very beautiful casa held by a French woman, Chantal, a character! Married with a Cuban for years, she opened this small guesthouse which is also a restaurant. With her you will be able to remake the world for hours.

The rooms are cosy, spacious and tastefully decorated. The food is delicious. You can feel that you are in the hands of pros, all in a very friendly atmosphere.

  • Adress: Calle H n°107 – Between Calle 5ta y Calzada
  • Tel: +53 7 832 2145 / +53 5 397 9127
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room at 45 CUC, breakfast included.

Hotel Capri

Located in the heart of the Vedado, this NH Group hotel is one of the most design hotels in Havana, and for good reason, it was renovated in 2014. Its 220 rooms are brand new and perfectly equipped.

The hotel also has three restaurants and three bars, two of which have a beautiful view of the city. You will enjoy the outdoor swimming pool on the 17th floor for a swim and the lovely views.

There is also a fitness room. Good wifi connection (lobby only).

  • Adress: Calle 21 – Entre Calle N y O
  • Tel: +53 7 839 7200 –
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room from 170 CUC
  • Wifi: 4,50 CUC per hour (sale of wifi cards reserved to the guests).

Hotel Habana Riviera

Another large tower of 350 rooms in the style of Habana Libre. It’s a bit like the factory, but nothing to say about comfort and good value for money.

The huge entrance hall has a large bay window overlooking the Malecón, which is particularly pretty at sunset.

Night owls can visit the Copa Room cabaret, located within the walls of the establishment.

Shows and concerts are usually excellent.

  • Adress: Avenida Paseo and Malecón
  • Tel: +53 7 836 4051
  • Website:
  • Prices: Single room from 50 CUC and double from 65 to 130 CUC
  • Meals: Breakfast included
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, satellite TV, restaurant, bar and swimming pool

Hotel Sant John’s

Not necessarily very pleasant, this colourful tower is located near one of the most lively streets of the capital.

Air conditioning, television and telephone nevertheless compensate for the lack of imagination.

In short, don’t rely on the outside. You can also enjoy the famous El Pico Blanco cabaret on the top floor. There is also a small swimming pool on this floor.

  • Adress: Calle O N°206, between Calle 23 and Calle 25. Near the Rampa.
  • Tel: +53 7 833 3740
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Single room from 40 to 56 CUC, double room from 50 to 80 CUC, breakfast included
  • Amenities: Restaurant, air conditioning, fan, satellite TV, bar and disco. Internet access for 6 E per hour.

Mansionla Orquidea

Four luxurious rooms in a beautiful 1940’s pavilion with patio and fruit trees. Here you arrive in the luxury category of casas particulares. Good kitchen.

  • Adress: Calle 28 n°209 between Calle 19 and Calle 21
  • Tel: +53 7 830 5174
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Amenities: One of the rooms is equipped with a whirlpool bath, a bicycle and a gym mat. Garage.
  • Prices: Two rooms from 40 CUC to 50 CUC and two rooms to 30 CUC Possibility to rent the whole house for 140 CUC per day.
  • Meals: Breakfast for 5 CUC. Royal meal for 10 CUC, 12 CUC if seafood

Best Luxury Hotels in Havana El Vedado

Hotel Habana Libre

Access to the swimming pool at 15 CUC per person (to be consumed in drinks) if you are not a guest of the hotel; presentation of an identity card is compulsory.

Enormous establishment of 572 rooms spread over 25 floors please. Take a tour to the 25th for the restaurant (open in the evening) or the discotheque depending on the schedule: exceptional view of Havana and the ocean.

For the history, the hotel depended before the revolution on the American chain Hilton. Once Castro was in power, he didn’t hesitate to change the sign. Perhaps the only trace of this liability is the presence of the CNN offices in this hotel.

  • Adress: Calle L, between Calle 23 and Calle 25
  • Tel: +53 7 834 6100
  • Website:
  • Emails: [email protected]
  • Prices: Double room from 110 to 230 CUC, suite from 180 CUC
  • Amenities: Restaurant, AC, satellite TV, bar, discos, swimming pool and shops.

Hotel Melia Cohiba

With more than 450 rooms, the Meliá chain does not make in the small hostel. Located in the heart of the Vedado district, the establishment offers a level of equipment that meets international standards

Very beautiful and large rooftop swimming pool.

  • Adress: Avenida Paseo between 1st and 3rd
  • Tel: +53 7 833 3636
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Single and double room from 225 CUC, suite from 250 CUC
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, satellite TV, restaurant, bar, swimming pool (only for hotel guests), Jacuzzi and solarium. Wifi: 14 CUC every 2 hours (Fast connection!)

Hotel Nacional

With its swimming pool and gardens overlooking the ocean, the hotel enjoys a superb panorama.

Under the pseudo-republic (1902-1959), the big shots of the Cuban-American mafia and the biggest stars of show business and cinema stayed here

A simple glance at the photo gallery will convince you.

You can relax in the beautiful garden, on the terrace or in the swimming pool.

It is particularly pleasant to sip a cocktail, or have lunch, in the café in the large garden facing the lobby and overlooking the sea.

Before it became a tourist attraction, the premises housed a defensive battery with two cannons facing the sea.

  • Adress: Calle O, at the corner of Calle 21
  • Tel: +53 7 836 3564
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Single room at 120 CUC, double room at 170 CUC, breakfast included.
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, satellite TV, restaurant, bar, garden, swimming pool, solarium, tennis court and travel agency. Access from the swimming pool at 15 CUC (to be consumed in food and drinks) for people outside the hotel; ID required Wifi access to the “centro de negocios”: 7 CUC per hour, 10 CUC for 12 hours, 20 CUC for 24 hours. Only the wifi access of one hour at 7 CUC is authorized for people who are not customers of the hotel; for the 12 hours or the 24 hours of wifi, it is necessary to be a customer or to ask a favour (a tip can help you but does not guarantee anything). Also on site, there are computers offering a connection at 2.50 CUC every 15 minutes, 5 CUC every 30 minutes, 7.50 CUC every 45 minutes, 10 CUC per hour.

Hotel Presidente

A chic hotel with comfortable rooms. Built in the 1920s, it was rebuilt in 2000, but its historical cachet has been well preserved.. The swimming pool is pleasant Live music, in the evening, on the terrace and around the swimming pool.

  • Adress: At the corner of Avenida de los Presidentes Calle Calzada n°110
  • Tel: +53 7 838 1801
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Single room from 86 to 135 CUC, double from 130 to 198 CUC, triple from 162 to 282 CUC.
  • Meals: Buffet breakfast included
  • Amenities: Good Wifi Internet connection at 4,50 CUC per hour (buy the connection card at the reception) but for external people it will be necessary to pay 8 CUC (4 CUC for the Wifi card and 4 CUC to be consumed at the hotel bar). Access to the swimming pool (from 10am to 7pm) possible for people outside the hotel: adults 15 CUC (13 CUC to be consumed in drinks or food) children 10 CUC (also to be consumed).

Best Hotels in Havana Miramar

Miramar is a chic area of Havana.

Most of the embassies are located there, as well as luxury houses.

As far as rooms in private homes are concerned, the prices are the highest on the island, although this area is mainly residential: count at least 35 CUC.

Not to mention the large taxi budget you will need to get to the centre of Havana.

Casa Jesus Valdez

Let’s be clear, this is not the most beautiful casa particular of Miramar, although it is very well furnished and very clean.

It has above all the advantage of being the cheapest, especially since, if you plan to stay several nights, Jesús will lower the price.

And since he works at the Cuban National Tourist Office, he will be able to give you all the information you need about your trip.

  • Adress: Apt 5, between Calle 18 and Calle 20 3ra Avenida 1804
  • Tel: +53 7 205 9193
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: 1 room from 25 CUC
  • Amenities: Fan and independent bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast 3 CUC. Dinner 7 CUC.

Hotel Comodoro

For the record, the old yacht-club located in front of the sea, was first converted into a dormitory for scholarship holders of the Cuban Armed Forces (FAR). Today it is one of the best hotels in Havana.

You will enjoy both the proximity of the ocean and the carefully designed setting. Pool, palm trees and neat lawns. Rooms are divided between the main building and the bungalows. Very comfortable, but also very out of the way. Car indispensable.

  • Adress: Between Avenida 3ra and calle 84, Playa
  • Tel: +53 7 204 55 51
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Single room from 60 to 80 CUC, double room from 75 to 115 CUC, bungalows from 80 CUC (2 pers.) to 160 CUC (3 pers.)
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, satellite TV, restaurant, bar, swimming pool and disco.

Hotel Occidental Miramar

Ideal for holidays or business stays, this hotel is located 15 km from the airport and 10 minutes from the historic centre. 427 spacious rooms with sea, city or pool views. All have air conditioning, cable and all modern comforts.

3 dining options: Snack bar restaurant, El Patio with refined international and Caribbean cuisine, and the buffet with international and Cuban cuisine. The swimming pool is really superb and it is by far the most beautiful you have seen in any of Havana’s major hotels.

It is highly recommended that you pay an entrance fee to go for a dip if you are not a guest.

  • Adress: 5ta Avenida, between 72 and 76
  • Tel: +53 7 204 3584
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prices: Standard double room from 94 CUC, suite from 225 CUC
  • Meals: Breakfast included, air conditioning, TV, parking, bar, restaurant, sauna, swimming pool, tennis, day care
  • Amenities: Access to the swimming pool allowed to guests outside the hotel, from 10:00 to 18:00, but an entrance fee of 20 CUC per adult (17 CUC to be consumed on site) and 5 CUC per child (also to be consumed on site) must be paid; prior presentation of your ID is mandatory.
  • Computers with a good internet and wi-fi connection available for hotel guests and external persons; card for a 1 hour connection: 4,50 CUC.

Occidental Montehabana

This apart-hotel has been established on a well-known wooded area, the Monte Barreto.

Designed to receive all types of tourists, but also people who want to spend a long stay in Cuba.

The fact that the apart-hotel is located next to the Occidental Miramar Hotel will allow you to have access to the services and facilities of a hotel while being in an apart-hotel

Swimming pool, gym, 6 tennis courts and many other services are available on site.

Hotels in Havana FAQ

How much does hotel cost in Havana ?

Allow between 25 and 50 CUC for a room, depending on the neighborhood, the state of the place and the fact of having come with or without a flapper

How to find Casas Particulares in Havana ?

Rooms in private homes are marked with a blue triangular logo (with the red logo, it is reserved for Cuban guests), which you can see on the doors of your potential guests.

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