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The best areas to stay in Panama City

If you are looking for the best areas of Panama City to stay during your stay in the city, we will tell you our experience.

When we started planning our trip to Panama, one thing that generated some concern was choosing a quiet area within the capital, Panama City. True, Panama City can be considered a relatively quiet Latin American city. That is, you can walk around many areas of the city without worrying, although you always have to be careful.

Best Hotels in Panama City

At night, there are also many quiet areas, where you can move around in absolute freedom.

But this we saw and lived once we were there. Before we arrived, we were doing a little research on quiet but central areas. And we found something, but we got to know the city a little bit better, and we saw that there were more options.

So we want to tell you about the areas where you can stay in Panama City without worrying about going out to the street to find a place to eat, have dinner, walk, etc.

Dangerous Areas in Panama City

Well, as in all places, there are dangerous areas, areas that you should not go under any circumstances, because if you are on vacation, you have not lost anything there.

El Chorrillo

This is one of the most dangerous areas in Panama City. It is very close to Casco Viejo, so avoid leaving the Casco Viejo area, which is very quiet. You notice right away when you are in Casco Viejo, and when you are leaving it.

San Miguelito

You don’t have to worry about this area, it is so far away from anywhere you want to visit, that it is basically impossible for you to get even close to this area of Panama City.

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We stayed in three different accommodations during our visit to Panama City. This was due to two factors. The first is that we were traveling with some friends who had a connecting flight cancelled, and arrived a day later, so, since this happened at the last minute, we had to find another hotel since the one we were staying at was full.

It also coincided with the November 2nd holiday, the longest of the year. But in spite of that we managed to find accommodation.

We returned to Panama City from Bocas del Toro in a night bus, and since we hadn’t planned well, we had to do another night, to go to the paradisiacal islands of San Blas the next day. We arrived to Guna Yala territory.


The Marbella neighborhood is one of the quietest in Panama City. And this is where we stayed the first night, at The Executive Hotel.

The truth is that the place was very good, we loved it, especially the breakfast, and they gave us a welcome cocktail. And best of all, we got a double room for less than 60 euros.

A queen size bed was waiting for us after a long flight across the pond.

You can see prices, availability and pictures of the place, you can check this link, The Executive Hotel.

There are many more alternatives in this part of town, you can check out Accommodation in Marbella.


The Cangrejo neighborhood is also one of the quietest in Panama City, and is located next to the Marbella neighborhood.

In this neighborhood we stayed in two different hotels, the first Ramada Panama Centro Via Argentina. We didn’t like this hotel very much, rather little, and that’s why we didn’t repeat.

We didn’t have hot water, and for the price of the hotel there would have to be. Besides, the attention we were given left a lot to be desired. The truth is that this was the first time this has happened to us.

In any case, if you want to see photos, availability and price, we leave you this link with all the information, Ramada Panama Centro Via Argentina.

In this same neighborhood of Cangrejo we stayed in another hotel that was very good, the Hotel Clarion Victoria, and quite well priced, the truth.

It has a swimming pool on the ninth floor, we don’t use it, but well, if it’s hot, a dip is always appreciated.

If you want to know more about price, photos and availability, here is the link, Hotel Clarion Victoria.

(Casco Viajo) Old Town

The Casco Viejo is also a popular place to stay, although at night you should take precautions. Remember that it’s near El Chorrillo, but it’s also true that there are lots of police watching, almost on every corner.

You can take a look at the accommodation in the area at this link, Accommodation in the Old Town.

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