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Best hotels in Santa Catalina Panamá

If you are traveling to Panama and Santa Catalina, and are looking for accommodation, there are certain details that you should take into account

Although Santa Catalina is not exactly a large town, it is true that you can differentiate three areas.

So, when looking for a place to stay, it is important to know the different options you have, depending on the area where you are staying

These three areas of Santa Catalina do not take much more than a twenty or twenty-five minute walk between the most remote areas, or ten to fifteen minutes between the closest areas

So below we give you a little more detail about these three places to stay in Santa Catalina

Accommodation in Santa Catalina

There are three places in Santa Catalina where you can find accommodation

On the one hand there is the area of the small town and next to the beach of Santa Catalina.

That’s where the bus from Soná drops you off.

There are plenty of accommodation options, but you won’t find any that have a view of the sea

Another area of Santa Catalina is the one on Estero Beach.

This area also has several accommodations.

There is one that stands out among the others, which is Vista Coiba Villas. It is on the same beach and has cabins that look out over the sea.

Imagine getting up in the morning and enjoying the sound of the sea, and leaving the cabin to see the sea, that is priceless.

The Oasis Surf Camp is a good option if you are going to stay in this area of the Palya Estero

If you want to know more about this accommodation, you can take a look at the availability, price and pictures in the following link, Oasis Surf Camp

We stay halfway between Santa Catalina Beach and Estero Beach, in Surfers Paradise

We loved the place, with a relaxed atmosphere, impressive views of the sea, four dogs that greeted us every morning, did not leave our side when we were there

Italo is the owner of this lodging that, together with his wife were great hosts.

You can take a look at this link about this accommodation, Surfers Paradise, we simply loved it

If you want to see other options to stay in Santa Catalina, you can take a look at this map where you will find all the available options where you can stay.

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