Tropical paradise island and underwater marine life collage.

Cuba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean that offers you a trip back in time to discover its superb colonial cities like Trinidad, Cienfuegos, its capital city of Havana, but also heavenly beaches.

Cuba has some 300 beaches scattered along 5,700km of coastline, but it also has a great diversity of snorkeling spots! It must be said that Cuba has managed to preserve one of the most beautiful marine ecosystems in the region. So put on your fins and put on your mask to observe more than 700 species of fish, 200 to 300 species of sponges and 5 species of sea turtles.

Punta Perdiz in the Bay of Pigs

Did you know that? The Bay of Pigs, if it is famous for its failed and sometimes disfigured landings, is home to some paradisiacal places, including one of the most beautiful and popular dive sites in Cuba. Little current and a coral reef 100 meters offshore on this spot. One can admire a multitude of multicoloured fishes and Caribbean fishes, including butterfly and angelfish, but also gorgonians and corals.

Jibacoa to explore from Havana

Only sixty kilometres from Havana, Jibacoaca shelters a coral reef after a strip of seaweed. To get there, count on one hour of time by taking either the Via Blanca or the famous Hershey train which will give you an extraordinary experience during your trip to Cuba.

Isla Media Luna, drifting island

As you probably know, the great writer Hemingway was a great fan of Cuba. Isla Media Luna inspired his latest book, Drifting Islands. Located in the north of Cuba, the island is very close to the coral reef and will give you the impression of diving into a giant aquarium.

The Varadero snorkelling tour and Playa Coral

For a diversified experience opt for the Varadero snorkeling tour in the Yumurí Valley which will take you to Playa Coral with its coral reef less than 15 meters from the coast passing by Saturn’s cave, a 20 meter deep cenote where strange fish and shrimps swim in crystal clear water. You can also admire stalactites and stalagmites. The vegetation around is very pretty.

María La Gorda, cape over the west

At 4 hours drive from Havana, on the west coast of Cuba, at the bottom of the Guanahacabibes peninsula you will discover a true divers’ paradise. The coral reefs of Marí La Gorda are home to tubular sponges whose yellow colour will dazzle you, schools of snappers and angel fish. If you want to explore the seabed you can also go from snorkelling to diving to be exhilarated by the exhilaration of the depths.

Jardines de la Reina, the Galapagos Islands of the Caribbean

Finally, in the south of the main island of Cuba, you will discover an archipelago classified as a National Park in 1996 with exceptional coral reefs that attract an exceptional underwater life. As a bonus, we swim there with sharks!

All these spots make Cuba one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world.