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Boca de Guamá is a large tourist complex located at the north of the Bay of Pigs, in the Province of Matanzas.

It owes its name to the Taino chief Guamá, who led the attempted revolution of the Tainos against the Spaniards in the 16th century.

Nowadays, Boca de Guamá is a well-functioning tourist machine.

That said, the Laguna del Tesoro, bordered by mangrove swamps, has lost none of its charm and is well worth a visit!

Boca De Guama @myownaddictivewayPin
Boca De Guama @myownaddictiveway

How to Get to Boca de Guamá

To get to Boca de Guamá, there is no shortage of options, and that’s good!

From the Bay of Pigs (Playa Giron & Playa Larga)

A tourist shuttle runs twice a day. It also serves Caleta Buena, Punta Perdiz and the Cueva de los Peces. Count 3 CUC to use the shuttle freely all day.

From Cienfuegos

excursions to Boca de Guamá are offered by the agencies Cubanacan and Habanatur. If you prefer to explore the area freely, it is also possible to take a private cab for the day. It can take you to Boca de Guamá, but also to Playa Giron, Playa Larga, Punta Perdiz and the Cueva de los Peces.

Boca De Guama @aleroy.travelsPin
Boca De Guama @aleroy.travels

From Varadero

day trips are also available to discover the main tourist sites of the Ciénaga de Zapata and the Bay of Pigs.

These are a great opportunity to discover another face of Cuba.

We particularly recommend two excursions, both of which can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance (full refund) explore the crocodile farm of Guama, before heading to the beach of Punta Perdiz, between lazing and snorkeling.

The excursion includes pick-up directly at your hotel, the services of a guide, snorkeling equipment, lunch (seafood) and drinks.

It can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance (full refund).

Guamá Cuba @krisi.oceanPin
Guamá Cuba @krisi.ocean

Lagoon and snorkeling: you will go up the Hatiguanico River in a speedboat and explore the swamps of the area, then reach the beach of Punta Perdiz.

Pick-up at the hotel, snorkeling equipment, lunch and open bar on the beach are included.

Things To do in Boca de Guamá

Laguna del Tesoro

The Laguna del Tesoro, in French “laguna del Tesoro”, owes its name to an Indian legend.
According to the legend, the Indians threw a treasure into the lagoon when the Spaniards arrived in Cuba.

Guamá Cuba @greekpassportPin
Guamá Cuba @greekpassport

It is possible to explore the Laguna del Tesoro by boat for 12 CUC per person.
You will then travel the 8 kilometers of the Laguna Canal, bordered by mangrove swamps, before arriving at the Treasure Lake, which extends over 92 km2.

There, in the middle of the mangrove swamps, an ancient Taino village has been entirely recreated.

32 life-size sculptures of Taino Indians are also exhibited in the lagoon

Villa Guama

Located in the Laguna del Tesoro, Villa Guama is a resort inspired by a Taino village.
It is spread over a dozen islets.
The 44 rooms are located in small pagodas that resemble the traditional Taino dwellings.

Guamá Cuba @AnonymousPin
Guamá Cuba @Anonymous

But Villa Guama is also synonymous with modernity! Guests will find a restaurant, a boutique and a swimming pool on site.

Kayaks are also available to the hotel’s residents.

Guamá Crocodile Farm (Criadero de Cocodrilos de Guamá)

Boca de Guamá also has a crocodile farm supervised by the Cuban Ministry of Fisheries.
4000 specimens of two different species are bred there: Rhombifer, a Cuban endemic species, and caiman, a species native to the American tropics.

Crocodile Farm Boca De Guama @romanicekraPin
Crocodile Farm Boca De Guama @romanicekra

Some of the crocodiles are 100 years old and 4 meters long! The farm also protects two other endemic species: fish, the manjuarís, and rodents, the jutías.

The Guama crocodile farm was founded in 1962.

At that time, the two species it protects today were endangered.

50 years later, crocodiles are proliferating, so much so that it is allowed to eat crocodile steak or buy handmade products made of crocodile skin (you have to keep the bill for customs clearance).

Crocodile Farm Boca De Guama Cuba @stratos_phere_Pin
Crocodile Farm Boca De Guama Cuba @stratos_phere_

If you want our opinion, it seems a pity that such a positive initiative leads to practices that are clearly in contradiction with the primary objective of protecting crocodiles…

We therefore advise you not to consume or buy these products in order not to encourage this trade.

Count 5 CUC per person to visit the crocodile farm of Guama.

Taller de Céramica

A ceramics workshop is also located in Boca de Guamá. Visitors can discover 5 active kilns. Beautiful ceramic bracelets are available for sale. Why not take the opportunity to shop for souvenirs to bring back from Cuba?

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