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The hotel business in Colombia is relatively good.

Depending on the number of visitors to the region, the offer of accommodation is more or less extensive.

You can find excellent hotels in the big cities, especially in Cartagena and Bogota.

Other charming and authentic addresses are offered in more confidential areas such as Barichara, Salento or San Agustin.

Tips: alternate between the various categories to discover the best of Colombia!

Standard Hotel

Hotels, equivalent to our European 2* hotels, including single rooms with private bathroom, without frills but pleasant.

Hotel Comfort

Addresses full of charm representing a comfortable alternative and benefiting from a certain standing.

Luxury hotel

Prestigious accommodation corresponding to the best of the hotel business.

Beyond the quality of the rooms (worthy of the great international hotels), they offer top-of-the-range infrastructures, an enchanting setting and superior services.


Farms also offering hotel services.

Depending on the location, they offer simple or charming rooms.

The “hacienda cafetera” is the ideal place for an in-depth discovery of coffee, on the side of Armenia and Pereira.


Individual constructions made of natural materials represent the most comfortable offer in the heart of Tayrona National Park.

As the number of rooms is limited, it is highly recommended to book well in advance.

Due to the exclusive character of this offer, the prices are very high.


Accommodation similar to eco-housing offering excellent services at a more affordable price.


Other accommodations very well integrated into the natural environment and closer to the local population, offering more basic comfort.

Offered especially in the Amazon, the Malokas allow authentic encounters and the discovery of traditional life.


Option benefiting from the proximity to nature, while ensuring superior comfort to accommodation in local communities in the Amazon.

At the inhabitant’s home

Not yet widespread in Colombia.

Sometimes small hotel and family facilities allow a direct contact with the local population (towards San Agustin in particular).

Ranch and camp

In the regions of La Guajira, Caño Cristales or when trekking to Ciudad Perdida, accommodation is often limited to hammocks with mosquito nets (“chinchorros”) or beds with very basic comfort.

Sanitary facilities are common. It is currently the only option. The welcome is very warm.

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