Accommodation in Colombia

Explore Colombia's diverse lodging options, from luxury to budget-friendly stays.

Tropical island resort with beachfront villas and pools.

Overview of Options

Colombia unfurls a diverse array of sleeping quarters from hammocks under the stars to suites with thread counts rivaling a drug lord’s bank account. Whether you’re a frugal backpacker or a vacationer with a penchant for the finer things, options abound.

Importance of Choosing the Right Place

Selecting where to drop your bags isn’t just about a roof and a bed. It’s about setting the stage for your Colombian escapade. A beachfront cabana might whisper romance, while a city-center hostel screams adventure. Choose wisely, or be ready to recount tales of rooster wake-up calls at your would-be tranquil retreat.

Types of Accommodation in Colombia


From luxury skyscrapers to modest pensions, hotels in Colombia cater to every level of comfort and class you can fathom. Bogotá and Medellín feature international chains, while smaller towns often boast family-run establishments brimming with local charm.


For those who pack light and live large, hostels are social hubs teeming with like-minded globe-trotters. Dorm beds are dirt-cheap, and private rooms are often available for those who love the vibe but not the snoring symphonies.

Vacation Rentals

Fancy a home away from home? Vacation rentals let you live like a local, often coming with kitchens where you can whip up your own version of ajiaco. They’re spread across the country, from penthouse apartments to beachside shacks.


Guesthouses, or “casas de huéspedes,” strike a balance between the personal touch of B&Bs and the privacy of hotels. They often double as a window into Colombian family life—plus, you might just be treated to homemade arepas for breakfast.


Eco-lodges are the stuff of nature lovers’ dreams, especially in regions like the Amazon. They range from rustic nooks to downright luxurious, all promising a communion with nature, probably alongside an orchestra of howler monkeys.

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Accommodation by Region

Caribbean Coast

On the sun-drenched Caribbean coast, you’ll find everything from all-inclusive resorts in Cartagena to breezy bungalows in Tayrona National Park. Opt for a beach hut in Palomino if your idea of nightlife is a chorus of crashing waves.

Andean Region

The Andean region provides a mix, with colonial hotels in Bogotá’s La Candelaria and haciendas in the coffee zone. If altitude sickness doesn’t take your breath away, the views in places like Manizales will.

Amazon Region

The Amazon is where eco-lodges shine, offering a blend of adventure and eco-consciousness. Few things beat the thrill of trading concrete for canopies and Wi-Fi for wildlife.

Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast is raw and untamed. Here, accommodations are more about mosquito nets and oceanic symphonies than minibars and room service.

Urban Accommodation in Cities

Colombia’s cities dish out a smorgasbord of stays. Medellín’s El Poblado is a hotbed of hostels and chic hotels, while Cali salsas to the beat of budget stays and luxury lodgings alike.

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Budget Considerations

Cost Range for Different Options

Wallet-friendly hostels start at a few bucks, while mid-range hotels hover around $50-100 per night. Venture into luxury territory, and you’ll be parting with more pesos than you can count on your fingers and toes.

Tips for Finding Affordable Stays

Don’t just flash your cash at the first pretty façade. Embrace the hunt for bargains. Shoulder season delivers deals, and sidestepping the main drags can lead to budget bliss.

Luxury Accommodations

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are the darlings of the discerning traveler, offering personalized service and Instagram-worthy decor. You’ll find these gems tucked in colonial buildings and perched on verdant cliffs.

Luxury Resorts

In luxury resorts, the staff often outnumber guests, and ‘no’ isn’t in the vocabulary. Expect pristine pools, spa services, and the sort of pampering that would make a Roman emperor blush.

Private Villas

Private villas are the go-tos for those who fancy frolicking in their own slice of paradise—perfect for pretending you’ve made it to the top of a narcos empire, minus the nefarious dealings.

Unique Stays in Colombia

Coffee Farm Stays

Coffee farm stays are your caffeine-fueled fantasy—wake up to the scent of arabica and the verdant views of plantations that make Starbucks jealous.

Indigenous Community Lodgings

Indigenous community lodgings are where culture vultures roost. It’s immersive travel at its best, with authenticity and heart—just remember you’re a guest, not the next National Geographic cover star.

Colonial Houses

Colonial houses offer history buffs their fix. Think creaky floorboards, stories in every nook, and possibly the ghost of a conquistador wandering the halls. Kidding. Maybe.

Safety and Accommodation

Safe Areas for Tourists

Safer bets include well-trodden paths like Zona Rosa in major cities, tourist-friendly parts of the Caribbean coast, and the coffee region’s bucolic bliss.

Security Features to Look For

Steel doors and bodyguard entourages aside, look for 24-hour reception, lockers, and good reviews mentioning safety to sleep soundly.

Booking Accommodation

Best Times to Book

Booking at the last minute is a gamble that can leave you high and dry or swimming in savings. Plan ahead for peak seasons like December and mid-year festivals—unless you fancy a park bench as a bed.

Reliable Booking Platforms

Stick to the tried-and-true booking platforms—think and Airbnb—unless you enjoy the thrill of turning up to find your “hotel” is actually a chicken coop.

Reservation Tips

Always double-check cancellation policies; Colombian plans are as fluid as their river systems. And keep those confirmation emails handy—sometimes the ‘P’ in ‘Printout’ stands for ‘Peace of Mind’.

Tips for a Pleasant Stay

Understanding Colombian Hospitality

Colombians could make an onion feel welcome. Hospitality here is heartwarming—sometimes bordering on overwhelming. Don’t be surprised if you leave with more invitations to family meals than you have days in the country.

Cultural Etiquette in Accommodations

When it comes to etiquette, a few Spanish phrases go a long way, and so does patience. Time here is more a suggestion than a rule, and a smile is the universal currency of kindness.

Language and Communication

English isn’t the lingua franca outside tourist hotspots, so bring your best Spanglish and charades game. Alternatively, download a translation app—your butchered Spanish is endearing until you accidentally order cow tongue instead of a taxi.