What souvenir to bring back from your trip to Colombia?

The memories you bring back from a trip contribute to the happiness of your loved ones and feed the imperishable character of your stay in Colombia.

They can therefore constitute, depending on your nature, an important part of your vacation.

Whether they are durable or consumable, the important thing is what they represent and the pleasure you had in unearthing them.

The “artesanias”, popular handicraft markets, are full of treasures that will delight lovers of popular art and craft souvenir fetishes.

Thus, we can only recommend that you buy one of these magnificent hand-woven hammocks, a comfortable “ruana”, a kind of sheep’s wool poncho that will warm your long winter evenings, of chic “guayavera” shirts typical of the Caribbean coast, a hat “vueltiao” national emblem, a Colombian “mochila”, a jewel in filigree of Mompox, an object in “werregue” or any leather object of which you can have the insurance of an irreproachable quality.

Do you prefer to work in gastronomy? Then don’t hesitate for a second to spoil the coffee lovers.

If there is one country that is known worldwide for the quality of its coffee, it is Colombia.

Finally, if you have preferred to enjoy the present moment during your trip and have skipped the “souvenirs” stage, you will find many shops at the airport that will still allow you to spoil your loved ones who will not have had the chance to take part in the trip!

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