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Are you going to Cuba for a week?

Of course the timing is tight but you still have time to get a good overview of the country’s riches! What to do in one week in Cuba?

We’ve put together 5 itinerary suggestions to satisfy all tastes! So, are you more of an architecture, beach or nature lover?

How many days should you spend in Cuba ?

Staying 1 Week in Cuba

A long round trip, jet lag, changes in temperature, changes in food, in short, a lot of inconvenience for little time in the end.

A week spent on the island can however be used to visit Havana, mythical and sensual, the Viñales valley famous for its mogotes (huge rounded limestone hills) and its extremely picturesque nature, Trinidad the best preserved colonial city in the country inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Staying 2 weeks in Cuba

2 weeks are undoubtedly more appropriate to let you soak up the island and its inhabitants. Renting a car will considerably facilitate your journeys and access to the most remote provinces.

In a fortnight or so, the possibilities multiply, but you must limit the trips. It is not advisable to go from Havana to Santiago de Cuba: the island is 1,000 km long, so you would spend a lot of time travelling (count 16 hours by bus, or 11 hours by car, to get to Santiago from Havana!).

If you’re really interested in the Eastern region, take a flight to Santiago and limit yourself to the provinces of Bayamo and Granma. In the heart of the Oriente cubano, the country of sound will surprise you with its very Caribbean musical fervour.

Spend 3 Weeks in Cuba

This is the ideal time to discover the country and its riches. You will have time to walk around the island from one end to the other without necessarily hurrying.

Cuba Itinerary 7 days 

Here is an example of a route that provides a first overall cultural approach, but a quick one.

Beach & colonial cities itinerary 7 days

In one week in Cuba, you can offer yourself a nice overview of the old-fashioned charm of the famous Cuban colonial cities! On the program: Havana of course, but also Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara.

Beach & nature itinerary

In one week in Cuba, you have plenty of time to discover some of the country’s natural treasures.
On the program: Havana, but also the famous Viñales Valley, listed as a Unesco heritage site, the paradisiacal island of Cayo Levisa, as well as Soroa or Las Terrazas, in the Sierra del Rosario.

Nature & colonial cities itinerary

Contrary to popular belief, Cuba is far from being limited to its paradisiacal beaches! Between breathtaking landscapes and colonial cities full of history, the “Pearl of the Caribbean” has enough to satisfy the most demanding travelers!

Let’s go for a week in Cuba to discover the incredible Cuban natural and cultural heritage!

Itinerary from Varadero

Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport is the second largest airport on the island after Havana’s José Marti Airport.

Arriving directly in Varadero is therefore an interesting possibility for travelers wishing to discover Cuba.

You are not obliged to land in Havana (even if, in our opinion, it is a pity to miss the Cuban capital!)

So we have concocted a one-week itinerary in Cuba starting from Varadero.
On the program: discovery of some of the most emblematic tourist sites of the island! All this sprinkled with some heavenly beaches, of course!

Itinerary in the Oriente from Santiago de Cuba

If you have already visited the West of Cuba or if you want to avoid the hordes of tourists, why not opt for the Oriente, in the East of the island?

The majority of tourists do not venture there.
However, the Oriente has more than one trick up its sleeve! Let’s go for a week to discover the East of Cuba!

2 weeks tour in Cuba: 3 itinerary suggestions

In 15 days, there is enough to make a beautiful circuit and there is for all the tastes! Contrary to popular belief, Cuba is not only a beach, lazing around and coconut trees destination.

The adventurers will also have enough to concoct a well-filled itinerary to visit Cuba in 2 weeks and make a lot of discoveries.
What to do in 2 weeks in Cuba? How to organize your trip? We’ve prepared three options for 2-week stays in Cuba.

So, are you more of a beach person, a hiker or a little bit of both?
Discovery itinerary

Discovery itinerary

In people’s minds, Cuba is often reduced to Varadero and its paradisiacal beaches.

However, the “Pearl of the Caribbean” has much more to offer than its famous seaside resort.

Spectacular landscapes, old colonial cities full of charm, folklore and traditions… in 15 days in Cuba, travelers who are fond of meeting people and discovering new things will never get bored!

Here is our 15-day tour in Cuba to get a taste of it:

Itinerary between discovery and farniente

Discovery or farniente? Finally why choose between the two?

We have concocted a small itinerary of 2 weeks in Cuba that combines the best of cultural visits, hikes and beaches of Cuba:

Itinerary farniente

Varadero is undoubtedly the most famous seaside resort in Cuba.
But the island has other strings to its bow to charm visitors in search of heavenly beaches!

In 15 days in Cuba, you will have the time to skim some of the most beautiful beaches of the country.

Then it is not the need to deprive yourself!

Here is our 15-day tour in Cuba for those who dream of 2 weeks of relaxation in the shade of coconut trees:

Cuba itinerary 14 days (From Havana)

Cuba Itinerary 14 days (From Santiago de Cuba)

Itinerary 21 Days

This is the ideal time to discover the country and its riches. You will have time to walk around the island from one end to the other without necessarily hurrying.

How many days are needed to visit Cuba?

If you want to know Cuba completely with an itinerary that includes the main destinations in both the western and eastern parts you will need a minimum of 3 weeks. In my opinion it is not so much the number of days but the experiences you fill those days with.
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