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Cuba Weather

The rainy season in Cuba

This season is characterized by rains that come suddenly but do not last long. They come in the form of heavy showers and often fall at the end of the day. The months of August and September are the rainiest with almost 260mm of rainfall depending on the region.

Moreover, the rainy season in Cuba is particularly hot. Temperatures range from 25 to 35°C. The atmosphere is also very humid, which makes the heat stifling at times.

Cuba is also an area regularly affected by hurricanes. The hurricane season lasts from June to November on the island. However, these events are more frequent between August and October. Hurricanes, such as Irma in 2017, usually cause deaths and significant material damage.

More information on the rainy season in Cuba

Climate in Cuba : The Dry Season

The dry season in Cuba is characterized by sunny weather and pleasant temperatures without being too hot. They are generally between 20 and 30 °C.

During the winter, cold winds blow across the north of the island, which can make it seem too cool to go to the beach. Nevertheless, you can always favour the south-eastern region which has a warmer climate as it is less exposed to the winds. In general, it is mostly at night that temperatures drop, leaving travellers free to enjoy their holidays.

However, as in any tropical region, short showers can occur regularly even during this season. They usually last less than an hour.

Cuba is not a particularly large island and it has little relief. Nevertheless, the weather in Cuba is slightly different depending on the region.

Climate in Cuba – North-West of the island

Northern Cuba is exposed to cold air from the United States during the winter. As a result, temperatures there are generally cooler than in the south of the island. In the Havana and Varadero region, however, there are clear skies during the dry season with a marked decrease in precipitation.

If the months of December to March are the driest in the capital, the weather is favourable from October to May. Nevertheless, during the wet season, rainfall does not exceed 150 mm per month. Rain is frequent, but in the form of short showers. However, the sky can be quite cloudy at times.

On the other hand, on the tourist islands of Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo, the climate is fine almost all year round. Indeed, the temperatures are between 25 and 32 °C and the weather is largely sunny. Only the month of September is to be avoided because it is the rainiest.

Climate in Cuba – Southeast of the island

This region has a favourable to ideal climate throughout the year. Indeed, there is less rainfall than in the west and warmer temperatures. The cities of Baracoa or Santiago de Cuba are suitable for a year-round trip.

On the other hand, in this region the difference between the rainy and dry seasons is less marked since it rains between 10 and 15 days a month all year round. However, here too, rainfall takes the form of temporary showers that occur in the late afternoon or at night. Nothing that will really disrupt your stay…

On the other hand, the humidity level in this region is often above 80%, resulting in a moist atmosphere and a feeling of stifling heat. Fortunately, the sea is never very far in Cuba…

The sea temperature in Santiago de Cuba is between 26 and 30 °C all year round. This region is therefore ideal for relaxing on the island’s beaches.

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