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  1. Elena Hawkins dit :

    I see that we can’t bring pepper spray but can I bring my flashlight that has a built in stun gun? Going soon with 2 other women and would feel better having something for protection. Do you have any other suggestions? Also, does that mean that we each should have $500 in cash while we come into the country? We are visiting for 5 days.

    1. Hi Elena !
      In Panama or in other Latin American countries, by following some simple rules, you can easily avoid this kind of trouble:
      1. Always carry your papers in an inside pocket, like a flat fanny pack
      2. Always divide your money: a part in the hotel, some emergency bills in the fanny pack, and a wallet that you will be ready to drop without having lost too much.
      3. Always check in at hotels before 5pm. Never arrive at night.
      4. At night, never go out with valuables, and take a cab.
      This is only valid in the big cities. In the countryside, there is generally no insecurity.

      Lastly, it is always recommended to have cash when arriving in a foreign country. However, you have dollar ATMs in Panama, so this should not be a problem.
      Happy trip !

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