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7 Most Amazing Hidden Beaches in Cuba to ditch the Crowds

Playas Del Este

These beaches are located east of Havana. This is one of the major interests of this place, which is only about half an hour from the Cuban capital.

These beaches, still little known by the majority of tourists, are recommended to travelers who wish to combine idleness and local atmosphere. Indeed, the inhabitants of Havana like to visit these beaches (especially on weekends and in summer) to enjoy the sun and the sea.

A typically Cuban atmosphere reigns there, which for some may seem a bit noisy, for others, on the contrary, festive and authentic. It should be noted, however, that there are very few hotels on these beaches, but there are good alternative solutions, such as lodging with local people.

Cayo Jutías

Small and totally virgin islet, one hour north of Viñales, Cayo Jutías will seduce the traveler who wishes to discover splendid beaches, less touristy and off the beaten track. Accessible by road and then by a wooden bridge, at about one hour and a half from Viñales, the islet is home to a whole population of Jutias, small rodents typically Caribbean (kind of ragondins), which gave its name to Cayo. You will find a bar-restaurant on the spot, but no accommodation.

Playa Larga et Girón

Not far from each other, these two beaches can be a stopover between Havana and Trinidad or between Viñales and Cienfuegos. Located in the famous Bay of Pigs, the two existing hotels are of rather average quality, even if they are well designed, in the form of bungalow-houses distributed in a garden. The traveler can also choose the option of a homestay in this region. On the program of possible activities: fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, discovery of the wetlands of the Cienaga de Zapata, and evenings with the local atmosphere.

Playa Maguana

Here is a place off the beaten track, still not very touristy and which really deserves to be known. Located at 22 km from Baracoa, this small corner of paradise offers to the traveler a sparkling beach of fine sand, hemmed in by a luxuriant tropical nature and a crystal clear sea. The traveler will also appreciate the quality of its accommodation, simple but clean, neat and very pleasant.

Cayo Saetia

A completely out-of-the-ordinary place. This small cayo accessible by road, is home to beautiful beaches, exotic nature and, more surprisingly, African wildlife. A kind of natural reserve away from everything, between Baracoa and Holguin, an unexpected interlude. The place is calm and totally exotic, and you can observe iguanas, ostriches, zebras, antelopes, giraffes, camels, or buffaloes. An accommodation in harmony with the environment welcomes the traveler simply, for a restful and atypical stopover

Cayo Sabinal

Famous for having been frequented by Ernest Hemingway who spent days fishing in this area, Cayo Sabinal is located north of Nuevitas Bay. It offers absolutely superb and totally virgin beaches. Flamingos live on the islet which shelters in abundance the tree which gave its name to the cayo, the Sabina.
No accommodation and no mass tourism, Cayo Sabinal is a unique and authentic place that is worth a visit. It is for example possible to visit it in excursion from Camagüey.

María La Gorda

Located in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula (an aboriginal word for iguana habitat), this region was for a long time the den of forbidden, freebooters, pirates and smugglers. Today, Maria La Gorda has the undisputed reputation of offering the most beautiful diving sites in Cuba (along with the Archipelago of Los Canarreos and the Gardens of the Queen). Wrecks of shipwrecked galleons and other treasures of the time are to be admired among a decor of exceptional sea beds. Nevertheless, our expert advisors in Cuba recommend this place exclusively to travelers who are keen on scuba diving. The only accommodation welcoming visitors is totally isolated (no village in the surroundings) and rather of average quality. The site is located more than 5 hours from Havana.

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