If you imagine charming little huts on a pristine beach, you may be disappointed.
Imagine instead large Soviet-style buildings, a beach covered with people… and litter.

You’ll have understood, Playa Larga is not exactly our cup of tea!

To learn more, keep reading: we give you more information and some alternatives that should make you happy!

How to get to Playa Larga

To get to Playa Larga, head for the Bay of Pigs! Located in the center of Cuba, on the south coast of the island, the Bahia de los Cochinos is most famous for having been the scene of a failed American landing.

Buses leave daily from Havana to Trinidad and pass by Playa Larga.

Remember to ask the driver to make a stop there.

The trip costs 13 CUC per person for about 3 hours of driving.
If you miss your stop, don’t panic: the buses also stop at Playa Giron.

From there, shuttles serve the main tourist spots of Cienaga de la Zapata, including Playa Larga.

The day ticket costs 3 CUC.

The shuttles also pass through Caleta Buena, Punta Perdiz, the Cueva de los Peces and Boca de Guama

Things to do in Playa Larga

Playa Larga and the Bay of Pigs in general are known to be a real paradise for divers.
The coral reef is very easily accessible.
Ask at the Villa Playa Larga or at the casa particular Ameris Oliva Arzuaga.

Take advantage of the shuttle to explore the different points of interest of the Cienaga de la Zapata.

The colonial city of Cienfuegos, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, is within easy reach.
You can easily get there by cab.

Don’t miss the beautiful colonial center, as well as Punta Gorda and its eccentric mansions.
For more information, go to our article dedicated to Cienfuegos.

Accommodation in Playa Larga

If our negative comments haven’t discouraged you, you should have no problem finding accommodation in Playa Larga.

There is no shortage of casas particulares.

There is also an inexpensive hotel: Hotel Playa Larga.

It is a bit old-fashioned, but it offers all sorts of amenities: swimming pool, tennis court, office for organizing excursions, etc.

A last word on Playa Larga: some alternatives to Cuba

Playa Larga is not only appreciated by tourists, Cubans also like to bask in the shade of coconut trees.

The result of all this is that Playa Larga is covered with people, especially during the summer.

Cubans are not particularly sensitive to environmental issues, so Playa Larga is not the cleanest…

If you are looking for a quiet and remote paradise, we recommend Cayo Levisa, in the northwest of Cuba.

For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, the Bay of Pigs is without a doubt a great playground, but we recommend Punta Perdiz and the Cueva de los Peces instead.

You will be more quiet there and the setting is much more charming.

During your stay in the famous Bahia de los Cochinos, you can also take a trip to Playa Giron.
You will find there a museum retracing the famous American landing attempt… in all subjectivity, that goes without saying! Nature lovers will also fall under the spell of the mangrove of the laguna del tesoro, in Boca de Guama.

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