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What to see in Providencia Island ?

Beyond its paradisiacal beaches, Providencia offers a rich nature with its cultivated valleys.

Thanks to buildings limited to 2 floors, the island is not distorted and exudes a certain charm.

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Cayo Cangrejo Providencia Colombia Photo Credit @amosanandres

Just a few hundred meters away, Santa Catalina provides a feeling of well being due to its peaceful atmosphere.

Of volcanic origin, these two islands offer a spectacular setting, conducive to rejuvenation.

Also, their translucent waters allow divers (snorkel or bottle) to observe a multitude of colourful fish and beautiful coral massifs.

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San Andres Colombia Photo Credit @guggenheimdavid

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What to see in San Andrés

Less charming than its neighbour (Providencia), San Andrés is a tourist island.

It is much more dynamic with its shops and lively nightlife.

For a reggae and festive atmosphere, go by lancha (local boat) on Johnny Cay where cheerful Rastas offer you to dance and taste delicious fresh fruit juices.

San Andres Colombia @helm.yPin
San Andres Colombia – Photo Credit @helm.y

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  1. Jim Ann Carter says:

    Can you tell me how the snorkeling is now (August 2022) in Providencia? I lived through Wilma in Playa del Carmen and know reefs can take years to recover, but I would love to see the island and support their economy.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jim,

      It’s a great idea to support the island, especially after what they went through.
      Snorkeling can be done all year round, and you will see fish whatever the season.
      Have a good trip!

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