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Colombia is a beautiful country and it is as if they have put a facade on it where there is a lot of violence so that people do not visit it, which is not true at all.

Colombia is a country that many people from all over the world have dared to visit and they do not stop telling about their magnificent experiences.

In recent years it has become a very attractive tourist country where you get a very lively trip and good experiences for a low price, as it is a very cheap country to live and travel in.

Prepare your trip Colombia before everyone wants to travel there.

Human warmth

If we put together the calendar of festivities in each department and the number of public holidays, we realize that there is at least one holiday a day in Colombia.

Whether it’s during the Holy Week processions, the Barranquilla Carnival, or the festivities in the squares to the sounds of the orchestras, the Colombian joie de vivre is palpable at every moment.

Colombia loves dancing, singing, getting drunk! The hospitality, enthusiasm, spontaneity and good humour of Colombians are generally what one remembers most about a trip to Colombia.

silvia colombiaPin
Beautiful testimony of the cheerfulness of the people in Colombia. Indigenous Misaks at Silvia’s market

The omnipresent nature

Communion with nature is easy in Colombia, since there are so many areas free of human presence.

Cordilleras with green valleys, snow-covered peaks, the immense llanos (flood plains) of the east, the powerful rivers, the wild beaches of the Pacific are so many places where nature imposes itself.

In rural areas, traditional farms are increasingly turning to agro-tourism, welcoming foreigners in search of green pastures and authentic peasant culture.

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The Exhuberant Nature all around Colombia

Historical and cultural heritage

The mixture of pre-Hispanic, African and Spanish cultures, merged in the Republic and modernity, make Colombia a territory where heritage is striking; 

architecture of the big cities mixing skyscrapers and colonial houses, archaeological remains of pre-Columbian civilizations, Amerindian villages along the rivers or in the mountains.

Colombia is a mosaic of peoples, with cultural peculiarities and many hidden treasures.

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Adventure and extreme sports

The variety of relief allows the practice of many water, air or land sports.

The surroundings of Cali, Medellín or San Gil attract lovers of paragliding, mountain biking and rafting.

Climbers will put their boots on the cliffs of Suesca and mountaineers will have the choice between several Andean peaks at over 5,000 m.

The sea bed, coral or volcanic, will delight divers.

A mask and a snorkel are enough to observe an unforgettable spectacle, all the more so as the water temperature is pleasant everywhere.

Finally, the Amazon and the little-known Eastern Llanos offer incredible adventures, on foot, by bicycle or in dugout canoes.

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Rafting in the Llanos RegionÙ

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