Nicknamed the “rainbow of Cuba”, Soroa is a real breath of fresh air! Neglected by the majority of tourists, the region is nevertheless a small paradise for nature lovers.

This biosphere reserve conceals a thousand treasures, including a good number of endemic species.

If you want to discover Cuba off the beaten track, Soroa is made for you!

Soroa in a few words

Soroa is located in the province of Artemisa, in the heart of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve.

The very humid climate has favored the development of a luxuriant vegetation.
The region is also home to many endemic species, including the famous tocororo, the bird that has become one of the symbols of Cuba.

Orquideario de Soroa

The Orquideario de Soroa is a botanical garden with the largest collection of orchids in Cuba.

You will be able to discover more than 130 varieties of endemic orchids, in addition to some 700 species brought from all over the world.
Tomas Felipe Camacho created the Orquideario de Soroa in 1943 for his wife and daughter.
Since then, the garden’s collections have been continuously enriched.
The entrance fee is 3 CUC per person.
You will be asked to pay an additional 2 CUC if you wish to use your camera.

El Castillo de las Nubes (The Castle of the Clouds)

The Castillo de las Nubes is a medieval style building built on the heights of Soroa.
Unusual, it is however nothing extraordinary.

It is especially for the panoramic view on the Sierra del Rosario from the terrace that the visit is worth the detour!

Salto del Arco Iris (also known as Salto de Soroa)

A small natural paradise, the Salto del Arco Iris is a 22 meters high waterfall in the middle of the rainforest.

At the foot of the waterfall, a natural swimming pool has been formed.
According to some, its sulfurous waters have therapeutic virtues.

The place is particularly enchanting during the rainy season.

During the dry season, however, the flow of the waterfall is significantly reduced.

The Salto del Arco Iris is very popular among Cubans.
In July/August, especially on weekends, they come in large numbers from Havana to bathe.

The place is crowded and loses some of its magic.
You will have to pay an entrance fee of 3 CUC per person.


The Soroa region is a small paradise for birdwatchers.
Hotel Soroa organizes guided tours (between 6 and 8 CUC per hour) to discover the birds of the region.

You will be able to observe endemic species, including the famous tocororo or the Cuban todier.

Baños romanos

You will find “baños romanos”, thermal baths, near the parking lot of the Salto del Arco Iris.

For 5 CUC per hour, you can bathe in the sulphurous cold water pool.
It is also possible to have a massage.

The mirador

A 2 km path climbs to the mirador, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

The walk through the luxuriant vegetation to reach the summit is a real pleasure.
The forest seems to crackle and all the senses are awakened.

Once at the top, you will be able to observe turkey vultures, a species endemic to Cuba.

They hover above the mirador as if they were standing guard.
Impressive… and a tad scary!

Hiking or horseback riding

To book a hiking or horseback riding tour, go to Hotel Soroa.
A guide will take you to discover the geological and natural treasures of the region, including the labyrinth of the Sierra Derrumbada, an atypical rock formation, or the Posa del Amor, a natural pool.

Things to Do Near Soroa : Las Terrazas

The eco-tourist village of Las Terrazas, located about 20 kilometers from Soroa, was created at the end of the 1960s.

The project is centered around a reforestation program in the Sierra del Rosario, where Spanish settlers and then coffee growers cut down a large number of trees.

In 1968, the Cuban authorities replanted some 700 trees, of 24 different species, in the region.

In 1985, the Las Terrazas nature reserve was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Today, the community lives mainly from tourism.

Many activities are offered to visitors: hiking, swimming, zip-lining, etc.

In short, Las Terrazas is a great opportunity to discover Cuba in a different way, far from the beaten track!

If you stay in Cuba for a long time, we advise you to spend one night in Soroa and one night in Las Terrazas to take the time to discover the region.

You will find a hotel in Las Terrazas.

The Hotel Moka includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, a spa/relaxation area and a restaurant.

How to get to Soroa

Soroa is located about 100 kilometers from Havana, in the direction of Viñales. The Viazul bus that runs between Havana and Viñales every morning stops at Las Terrazas, about 20 kilometers from Soroa. The ticket for Las Terrazas will cost you 6 CUC. From there, you can rent bicycles or take a cab (about 8 CUC). Alternatively, there are a number of collective cabs that run between Havana and Viñales and can stop in Soroa on the way (about 15-20 CUC per person).

What are the best hotels in Sorota ?

If you want to stay in a hotel, the choices are limited, to say the least. There is only one hotel in Soroa, the Horizontes Villa Soroa. Facilities include a swimming pool and two restaurants.

Casa particular in Soroa ?

The casa particular Don Agapito (Carretera Soroa, km 8, Soroa, Cuba) is a very good address. The owners are charming, the rooms are spacious and clean and the breakfast is delicious. We can only recommend you to dine there in the evening: the hostess is an outstanding cook! We enjoyed ourselves! Count 20-25 CUC per night, breakfast included.

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