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  1. Ken Harp dit :

    I enjoyed reading the account of Baracoa, Cuba. Having just returned from there 29 days ago, I would like to offer some comments.
    All references to prices in CUC should be deleted. The former currency of tourism in Cuba is no longer. Government-owned establishment’s insist on payment by MLC card. This debit card is obtained at the Banco or Cadeca locations and charged with EURO. No US dollars, although it the card itself displays a value of USD. The one I purchased had 200 USD printed on the front. It is not truly a credit card, as the bearer must show the four digit PIN.
    Local casas, restaurants, and taxis accept US dollars but will only issue change in Cuban Pesos. I advise North Americans to take at least Euro 400 with them. Don’t rely on being able to exchange CAD or USD for Euro. It is difficult if not impossible.
    Baracoa has frequent electrical power outages and they happen at the most inopportune times. There were usually 3 brownouts per day. At the military-owned Gaviota hotel across the harbor, Porto Santos, the electricity never failed. Imagine that!
    Most restaurants mentioned in the Wego guide we’re closed, as was Hotel Castillo. People usually stated that these places will reopen in November. Time will tell.
    My favorite restaurant is Marco Polo on the Malecón. The best mojitos in Baracoa are made there with Havana Club rum and cost $2.50. Reliably good food is made in the upstairs kitchen and they have battery backup lighting, which is important in Baracoa these days.
    Bottle water is in short supply and usually only found in large sizes. Bucanero beer is nonexistent.
    So remember that there are no CUCs and the exchange rate for CUPs changes daily.

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