Remote Expeditions is a unique travel agency that goes beyond the ordinary, offering journeys that are distinct and unforgettable. With a focus on preserving tribal societies, respecting the environment, and discovering new territories, they strive to create meaningful and immersive experiences. Their small group sizes ensure a deeper connection with the environment and facilitate authentic encounters. The team’s expertise and passion shine through in their personalized advice, ensuring that each traveler’s journey is tailor-made to their preferences. By traveling less but traveling better, Remote Expeditions promotes responsible and sustainable travel while prioritizing quality over quantity.

Hiking Mountains
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We are far from being a travel agency that views clients as mere numerical figures. We are a human agency that wants to sell less to maintain a high level of quality.

Our Core Values



Stakeholders in our own success



Thriving on new ideas and embracing change



Doing the Right Thing



The vast majority of your money will go straight to support and grow local economies.



Think Global, Act Local



We are inspired by the work we do and the trips we offer

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We run away from places full of tourists. We will take you off the beaten paths and you’ll see what few people see: local community life far from the tourist route, rarely glimpsed views from striking hilltops, and crystal pools deep in the tangles of the rainforest.

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Good reasons to travel with us

High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

We are very peaky to provide you world class trips : Handpicked luxury lodges, confortable vehicles, traditional food, refined activities. Immersive trips will also live like locals when visiting communities.

save money

We have been able to greatly reduce our prices

As we explore the countries ourself and work directly with locals – removing any unnecessary intermediaries – we are able to provide world class luxury trips at affordable prices and no sacrifices in quality.


Customizable Itineraries

Our itineraries can be re-designed around your requirements. Explore your interests at your own speed. Select your preferred style of accommodation. Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists


We take care of everything

In addition to save hours of preparation, you will travel Worry free, a dedicated agent that take care of all the details, from start to finish, everything will be planned flowlessly.


The best partners

Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one
Hand picked by us for the quality of their services and their local commitment, our local partners are the best available.


Expert Advice

Our specialists know their destinations inside out. They’ll help you see the main attractions in an alternative light and introduce you to places others might miss. Practically, they understand how things run and work closely with our local partners so they can always guide you based on the most accurate advice.


Pricing Transparency

With our pricing transparency, you get an itemized breakdown of costs. When we work with local partners who organize the bulk of the trip, we estimate costs to help you understand where your money is going.

Assistance Support

Local support during your trip

You can always reach your local specialist with a quick a message or call in case you hit a snag during your trip, or simply want some great local recommendations.

Our Commitments


At Remote Expeditions, we promote responsible tourism, collaboration, and dissemination to preserve cultural diversity, reclaim identity pride, and empower marginalized cultural groups with their unique worldviews and ways of interacting with their environment.

We prioritize preserving tribal societies, respecting the environment, and creating unforgettable experiences. We provide travelers with recommendations for an organic and respectful journey. Additionally, we conduct brief discussions during the trip on photography and interaction protocols in the villages.

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According to Forbes, personalized travels is one of the biggest trends in the travel industry right now

Our Commitments



Never lose your deposit

From Scratch itineraries, if you must cancel for any reason not covered under insurance, 100% will be refunded to you at 1 month of the departure less any unrecoverable hard costs, or 100% will be credited to a future trip.


Remote Expeditions Ltd is registered in England and South Wales

Ensuring compliance with the legal obligations set forth by the UK. This additional layer of protection provides you with peace of mind and reassurance when engaging in our services.

Secure Easy Booking

Secure & easy booking

Once you are happy with the trip, you can easily book by credit card, paypal or by bank transfer. (+2,7% fee apply for Paypal and credit card)




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