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Destinations provided by Remote Expeditions


Diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich coffee heritage

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Destinations provided by Remote Expeditions


Historic charm, classic cars, mojitos and lively music scene.

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Destinations provided by Remote Expeditions


Ancient Mayan ruins, volcanoes, and colorful textiles.

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Destinations provided by Remote Expeditions


Iconic Machu Picchu, diverse ecosystems, rich history.

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Destinations provided by Remote Expeditions


Salt flats wonder, lagunas, Andean peaks, indigenous cultures

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Woman in traditional attire holding a gourd.


Bustling canal, diverse wildlife, indigenous cultures and vibrant city life.

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Photography Tours

Capture the vibrant soul of South America through our exclusive photography tours! Journey with us to frame stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and vivid urban scenes. Tailored for enthusiasts and pros alike, each tour promises unforgettable shots and memories.

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Private & Customized

Discover South America your way! Our private, tailor-made trips let you explore hidden gems and local secrets, all at your own pace.

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Early Explorers

Step into the shoes of an early explorer with our unique ‘Freedom Trip’! Join us for a week-long deep dive into each destination, blending the thrill of discovery with the joy of research. We plan together, ensuring your journey is
not just a trip, but a true exploration. Experience South America like never before – immersing in local cultures, uncovering hidden gems, and understanding each spot’s rich history and biodiversity. It’s a traveler’s dream: freedom,
depth, and adventure, all rolled into one. Be more than a tourist; be a part of the story.

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Explore iconic sights on our Essentials Trips – a mosaic of South America’s best!

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Nature & Trekking

Embark on an exhilarating mountain and trekking adventure in South America! Traverse majestic peaks, ancient trails, and breathtaking landscapes. Every step is a story waiting to be told. Join us for the trek of a lifetime!

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What Our Travellers Say

Merci Tristan pour cette nouvelle expérience à tes côtés

Merci Tristan pour cette nouvelle expérience à tes côtés. Cuba c’est vraiment un monde à part qui vaut la peine d’être découvert. Merci pour toutes les belles rencontres, pour ta patience et pour les précieux conseils 🙂
Toujours au top les voyages avec toi.
A très vite j’espère

testimonial avatar Merci Tristan pour cette nouvelle expérience à tes côtés
Nathalie M

Magnifique voyage organisé par l’agence Remote Expeditions

Tristan est un guide exceptionnel au départ grand spécialiste de la Colombie ses compétences se sont élargies à toute l’Amérique du Sud.
Photographe et trekker confirmés ses voyages sont passionnants.
Top voyage en Colombie pour nous quatre.
Grand professionnalisme et bienveillance
Je recommande fortement

Bruno Boulant

Colorful photography tour in Cuba

We had a wonderful tour in Cuba with Tristan. He knows the island very well and can spot perfect photo opportunities. He is also a great and patient teacher, and spares no effort to make the traveler’s experience memorable.

testimonial avatar Colorful photography tour in Cuba
Julie Chamay

A Multifaceted Adventure with Tristan

My wife and I were fortunate to have Tristan as our leader on our recent trip to Colombia. Tristan brings so much of his skills as a photographer, organizer, logistical expert, and more to enhance the participants’ experiences.

He relates to the locals in a warm, welcoming, and personal manner. He is multilingual and effortlessly switches between English, Spanish, French, and some of the indigenous languages. When locals meet him, the affection they feel for him is palpable. He can and does literally work magic with children.

It’s a joy to see their expressions when he magically extracts a coin from their ear. It makes for wonderful photos. He’s constantly in search of photo opportunities. He creates them spontaneously and we walked away with great photos so many times.

As the oldest one on the trip, Tristan was always ready to assist me with an inordinately heavy suitcase. Whether dealing with a technical camera issue or the best way to compose a shot, Tristan was there with great advice. He also provided very helpful photo editing sessions.

I would highly recommend him as a leader, no matter the destination.

testimonial avatar A Multifaceted Adventure with Tristan
Stephen Sholl

A Compassionate Journey with Tristan

As the wife of a photographer, I’ve gone a half dozen photo tours. I try to make them my own and usually am successful in doing so. If I had to pinpoint anything that made the trip successful, it would be Tristan’s humanity shown so many times in the way he treated participants and native
Colombians. Visiting native tribes (not painted-face imposters) was a treat for me and my iPhone camera. Tristan planned well, explained things in detail and also found local experts who taught a great deal.

Andrea Sholl

Uncovering Colombia’s Magic with Tristan

I’ve been slowly reviewing all my shots from the Viva Colombia tour. It makes me relive all the incredible experiences Tristan put together for us! His love and enthusiasm for Colombia and its people was obvious. He had a good bond with all his drivers and guides, and he shines when he’s around children with his magic tricks. His people skills were excellent. 
Tristan was responsive and went out of his way to make everyone happy. He took feedback to heart. I wanted to highlight how diligent he was. I have never been on a tour where the leader had prepared such a thorough talk with slides and examples of some of the creative concepts he was trying to teach.  
I am so happy I managed to pull it together last minute to get onto this tour. It was SO worth it! There are a few Luminous Journey tours that I have an interest in so I’m not out of your hair yet.

testimonial avatar Uncovering Colombia’s Magic with Tristan
Linda MacCan

Unveiling Beauty Through the Lens with Tristan

The Luminous Journeys “VIVA Colombia” trip was fantastic for photographic opportunities in a country that is still largely unexplored by travel photographers. Tristan was an enthusiastic leader offering insights into his creative approach to photographing Colombia, including its indigenous peoples.  His patient and sensitive approach dealing with locals allowed participants learn and appreciate Colombia’s many diverse customs.  There was a good balance between street & culture photography, nature/tropical birds, and landscapes.  

In addition, Tristan’s willingness to help participants with the technical and artistic aspects of photography was greatly appreciated.  Plus he’s just great fun! The trip was well organized and the hotels and food were superb.  Overall, Viva Colombia! provided diverse photographic opportunities that would have broad appeal to photography enthusiasts looking for untrammeled travel adventure in a fascinating South American country.Highly recommended!

testimonial avatar Unveiling Beauty Through the Lens with Tristan
Anthony Chodas

A Photographer’s Dream Tour with Tristan

From the very first communication Tristan was responsive and helpful, receptive to tailor making a travel and photographic experience that was exactly what I was looking for. As a passionate photographer himself, I knew I was speaking with a like-minded soul who understands the specific needs and wants of a fellow photographer.
The tour itself was brilliant. As well as being a capable and professional tour organizer, Tristan is great company and an interesting travel companion.
The special relationship he has built up over the years with the Kogui people and local guides enabled a very special opportunity to visit and photograph them, both culturally and photographically interesting, and a rare, much appreciated opportunity.
Combine this with Tristan’s ability to speak several languages fluently including the local one, and you’re onto a winner!

testimonial avatar A Photographer’s Dream Tour with Tristan
Clare Rowntree

What a wonderful Trip !

What a wonderful trip. Tristan is such a lovely person and well organised.

We had a wonderful trip around the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, up to Camarones and even Mompox. We visited so many places and met so many great people and communities.


I highly recommand Remote Expeditions and Tristan for any trip you intend to plan

testimonial avatar What a wonderful Trip !
Nathalie Margot

Authentic and well organized expedition in an indigenous tribe

Tristan guided me through the mountains of Sierra Nevada and facilitated all the details for meeting a kogi tribe.

It was a work trip as I was working on a very specific topic ( panela) and Tristan took care of all the details and was very

The whole experience felt very authentic, and overall Tristan is so passionate
about what he does it’s hard not to have a blast during the trip.

testimonial avatar Authentic and well organized expedition in an indigenous tribe
Eva Philippe Petit

Fantastic trip off the beaten path

Tristan is a very knowledgeable guide and photographer, and he is also very personable. Traveling with him was a very nice experience and we had lots of laughs too!

The trip was flawlessly organized and Tristan understood our needs very well, tailoring the itinerary to ensure we had the best experience possible. Thanks to him, we discovered Colombia off the beaten path.

Last but not least, I have done a number of photography trips and Tristan is probably the most dedicated teacher I have traveled with. He is really passionate about passing on his knowledge and passion about photography.

I will certainly book another trip with Remote Expeditions in the near future.

testimonial avatar Fantastic trip off the beaten path
Julie Chamay

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Expeditions offer a more immersive and authentic experience compared to regular tours. They focus on reaching remote and secluded locations that are not easily accessible, allowing you to discover hidden gems and encounter<br>breathtaking landscapes. These expeditions often involve activities such as hiking, wildlife spotting, camping, and engaging with local communities.

Remote Expeditions are generally designed for physically fit individuals who are comfortable with outdoor activities and have a sense of adventure. Some expeditions may have specific requirements, such as a certain level of fitness<br>or previous experience in similar environments. It’s essential to check the expedition details and speak with our travel experts to determine if a particular trip is suitable for you.

To book with us, you can visit our website and explore the available expeditions. Once you’ve selected a trip, you can fill out the booking form or contact our travel experts directly. Our team will guide you through the booking process, answer any additional questions you may have, and assist you with the necessary arrangements.

Yes, we understand that every traveler is unique, and we offer the flexibility to customize certain aspects of your Remote Expedition. While some expeditions have fixed itineraries due to logistical reasons, we can often accommodate specific requests or tailor the experience to meet your preferences. Please contact our team to discuss your customization needs.

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