Colorful street festival with dancers and vibrant decorations.

Cultural Celebrations

Fiestas de Palmares

Every January, the small town of Palmares becomes a fiesta hotspot, ballooning to ten times its normal populace as revelers descend for two weeks of parades, concerts, and bullfights (the non-lethal kind, relax). It’s a booze-fueled bonanza, but if you can’t handle your Imperial (the local brew), maybe stick to the carnival rides.

Envision Festival

A concoction of art, spirituality, yoga, and electronic music, the Envision Festival is where hipsters and hippies mingle under the jungle canopy in Uvita. Occurring in February, it’s your chance to get painted up, stretch out, and dance till you drop – or find enlightenment, whichever comes first.

Semana Santa

Come Easter, the country dials down the party to observe Semana Santa. Expect processions, passion plays, and a collective reflection on religious roots. It’s a beautiful, somber time, but if you’re looking for a spring break rave, this isn’t it, mate.

Music and Dance

International Arts Festival (FIA)

The International Arts Festival (FIA) transforms San José into a cultural playground. Streets brim with performances, bringing in acts from around the globe. If you’re an artsy type or just someone who appreciates a good mime, pencil this into your calendar.


Imagine your local park turning into an explosion of art, music, and poetry. That’s Transitarte for you. Held in March, it’s a feast for the senses, and, unlike your last Tinder date, it won’t leave you feeling disappointed and disillusioned with humanity.

Limón Carnival

If you thought the Caribbean side of Costa Rica was just laid-back beach towns, think again. The Limón Carnival in October is a raucous display of Afro-Caribbean culture, complete with gyrating dancers that’ll put your awkward shuffle to shame.

Culinary Events

Chocolate Festival

Chocoholics, rejoice! The Chocolate Festival in Puerto Viejo is your Willy Wonka dream minus the creepy Oompa-Loompas. Learn about indigenous cacao production and, more importantly, stuff your face with the good stuff.

Seafood Festival in Puntarenas

For those who believe that happiness is best served seared, grilled, or fried, the Seafood Festival in Puntarenas will tick all the right boxes. Fresh catches and local flavors make this event a must for any self-proclaimed foodie.

Sports Competitions

La Ruta de los Conquistadores

Biking enthusiasts, prepare to punish your quads at La Ruta de los Conquistadores, one of the world’s toughest mountain bike races. Spanning coast to coast, this trek is not for the faint of heart or those allergic to mud, sweat, and gears.

Tamarindo Beach Marathon

Sunrise, beach, marathon – a trio that either sounds like an ideal start to the day or a brutal way to punish your calves. The Tamarindo Beach Marathon in September offers stunning views to runners, and to the rest of us, a reason to carb-load guilt-free.

Nature and Wildlife Events

Turtle Nesting Season

From July to October, beaches like Ostional become maternity wards for sea turtles. Witnessing these ancient mariners lay their eggs is a marvel of nature, but keep your distance – no turtle needs a selfie buddy while doing the most important job of her life.

Whale Watching Festival

The Whale Watching Festival in Marino Ballena National Park is when humpbacks make their annual pit stop in Costa Rican waters. It’s a fluke-tastic spectacle! Grab your binoculars and join the tail-slapping party, just don’t be that person who confuses a rock for a whale.

Traditional Holidays

Independence Day Celebrations

On September 15th, Costa Rica’s streets burst with patriotic pride as the country commemorates its independence with lantern parades and flag-waving school kids. It’s Americana without the deep-fried everything – refreshing, really.

Day of the Cultures

Forget Columbus; October 12th is about celebrating the melting pot of cultures that is Costa Rica. It’s a day of recognition, not navigational errors. Expect lots of traditional dress, food, and a collective finger wagging at colonialism.

With a knack for throwing epic shindigs and an ever-packed calendar, Costa Rica proves that the best way to understand its heart is through its festivities. Whether you’re a culture vulture or a fiesta animal, this country has an event with your name on it – just make sure to spell it right.