Illustration of ideal travel calendar for Costa Rica.

Climate Overview

Costa Rica, a veritable meteorological mood ring, shifts from wet to dry with ease. It’s like Mother Nature’s laundry cycle, with the Dry Season running from December to April and the Wet Season from May to November.

Dry Season

The Dry Season, also known as the ‘High Season’ or ‘Summer’ by locals, is when the sun clocks in for overtime, and rain is a rare party crasher. This is the time when you can leave the umbrella at home and your sunscreen working overtime.

Wet Season

The Wet Season, or ‘Green Season’ as optimists call it, brings out every shade of green you can imagine, with rainforests getting their daily drink. Afternoons often witness the heavens opening up, but mornings are usually clear. It’s the meteorological equivalent of a half-day at school.

Best Time for Beaches and Sun

If you fancy becoming a temporary beach bum or sun worshipper, then December to April is your time to shine. Literally. The Pacific coast is particularly radiant, while the Caribbean side can be a bit of a wildcard when it comes to sunshine.

Best Time for Wildlife Watching

Sea Turtle Nesting

For a turtle-y awesome experience, hit the coasts between July and October. Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Guanacaste is a hotspot for olive ridley turtles, and if you’re lucky, you might catch the arribada, a mass nesting event that’s like a turtle flash mob.

Bird Migration

Feathered friends from North America flock to Costa Rica from September to November for their version of spring break. The Northern Hemisphere’s loss is Costa Rica’s gain, especially for birdwatchers.

Whale Watching

To spot these big beauties, aim for the Pacific coast between July and October, when humpbacks wave their flippers in Costa Rican waters. It’s a whale of a time!

Best Time for Adventure Activities


Surf’s up, dude! From April to October, the Pacific swells are spectacular, while the Caribbean side is best from November to May. Pick your ocean, wax your board, and catch that Pura Vida wave.


Zip-lining is a year-round scream fest, but for the best views without getting drenched, aim for the Dry Season.

White Water Rafting

The more water, the merrier the rapids! Hit the rivers during the Wet Season, especially between June and October, when you’ll experience Costa Rica’s version of a wild water ride.

Best Time for Festivals and Culture

Fiesta de los Diablitos

Witness an epic battle between the ‘little devils’ and the bull representing the Spanish conquerors during late December to early January. It’s like historical cosplay with a cultural twist.

Semana Santa

Easter week is a serious deal here, blending piety with passion—expect processions, rituals, and the occasional beach getaway.


Though not as famous as Rio’s, Limón’s Carnaval in October is a colorful spectacle of parades and dancing in the streets. It’s like Mardi Gras with a tropical twist.

Budget Considerations

Peak Season Pricing

High Season means high prices; it’s the basic supply and demand dance. Everything from flights to accommodations spikes faster than your heartbeat at a zip-line platform.

Off-Season Discounts

Travel during the Wet Season, and you’ll find that prices take a dip, much like the afternoon temperatures. It’s the perfect time for savvy travelers to snag a deal.

Best Time for Avoiding Crowds

If solitude is your travel buddy, aim for the edges of the Dry Season in May or November. You’ll dodge both the tourist hordes and the raindrops—a win-win for the anti-social butterfly.

Ideal Months to Visit

So, when is the golden window for visiting Costa Rica? If you want a little bit of everything—sun, manageable prices, and thinner crowds—aim for the shoulder months of May and November. But remember, Costa Rica doesn’t do one-size-fits-all; it’s more like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Happy planning!