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Overview of Colombia

Colombia: a South American gem where emeralds are abundant, and the coffee is as rich as its cultural tapestry. Nestled between the Pacific and the Caribbean, this country is a feast for the senses. With a climate as diverse as its people, any time is a good time to visit if you’re not fussy about getting a little rain on your parade – or in your coffee.

Best Time to Visit is generally December to March, not just for the sake of sunshine but because the country is in full swing with festivals and the dry season makes for easier travel.

Major Cities and Attractions


  • Gold Museum: More bling than a hip-hop mogul’s Christmas tree; a testament to the rich history of the land.
  • Monserrate Hill: Take a hike or a cable car to this mountain-top sanctuary and catch your breath – if the view doesn’t take it away first.


  • Botero Plaza: Stroll around to admire Fernando Botero’s chubby sculptures. They’re like a body-positive rally in bronze and stone.
  • Comuna 13: Once notorious, now a canvas for vibrant street art and a symbol of transformation – it’s like the neighborhood got a life coach.


  • Old Town: A colonial charm offensive with cobbled streets and balconies overflowing with bougainvillea – think Havana’s cleaner, quieter cousin.
  • Rosario Islands: Picture-perfect archipelago where the coral reefs show more color than a pride parade.


  • Salsa Clubs: Where the locals move with a rhythm that would make a metronome insecure.
  • Cristo Rey: A giant statue of Jesus that offers salvation from bad Instagram feeds with its panoramic views.

Adventurous Itineraries

Amazon Rainforest Tours

Venture where the Wi-Fi is weak but the connection to nature is strong.

Andean Trekking

Conquer trails that will leave your legs trembling and your heart full.

Coffee Triangle Exploration

The jittery coffee lover’s holy grail – caffeine pilgrimage, anyone?

Scuba Diving in San Andrés

Submerge yourself into an underwater kaleidoscope of marine life.

Cultural Experiences

Carnival of Barranquilla

A fiesta of costumes and dance that gives Rio a run for its money.

Indigenous Communities

Authentic cultural exchange where you might learn a thing or two about life from folks who don’t rely on Google.

Local Markets and Cuisine

Get your stomach and your camera ready for an explosion of flavors and colors.

Relaxing Getaways

Caribbean Beaches

Where the sand is as soft as the hospitality is warm.

Thermal Baths in Santa Rosa de Cabal

Natural hot tubs – because Mother Nature thought you deserved a spa day.

Wellness Retreats

Find your zen, or at least lose your stress somewhere in the mountains.

Off the Beaten Path

Tatacoa Desert

Because Mars is overrated, and who needs oxygen anyway?

Caño Cristales

A river that ran through a rainbow – nature’s own tie-dye project.

San Agustín Archaeological Park

Because who doesn’t want to play Indiana Jones among ancient ruins?

Travel Tips and Practical Information

Transportation Options

From rickety buses to domestic flights, navigating Colombia is an adventure in itself.

Safety Guidelines

Keep your wits about you – your selfie stick won’t ward off pickpockets.

Language and Communication

Spanish is the lingua franca. A smile – universal. Your high school Spanish – hilarious.