Travel gear with tropical scenery in the background.

Climate Considerations

Panama, with its sliver of land bridging two continents, boasts a tropical climate that swings between dry and wet seasons. Prepare for the eternal summer, but don’t let the rainforest catch you off guard.

Dry Season Essentials

From mid-December to April, the dry season reigns supreme. The sun is relentless, so pack with a vengeance against UV rays. Think lightweight hats, sunglasses, and a reliable sunblock – your skin will thank you.

Rainy Season Gear

The wet season, from May to early December, is not for the faint of umbrella. Ensure your suitcase has a quality raincoat or poncho, and consider a waterproof backpack cover. It’s a rainforest out there, and it will try to turn you into its namesake.


Clothes that scream comfort and coolness will be your best pals in Panama. The goal is to look good while not melting.

Lightweight Clothing

Breathable fabrics are your passport to comfort. Quick-drying shirts and shorts are non-negotiable, and linen is not just for tablecloths – it’s a wardrobe must.


With two coasts to flaunt, beachwear is vital. Pack a swimsuit that says "Yes, I am this fabulous" and a sarong or cover-up that multitasks as a beach blanket, a modesty preserver, and a statement piece.

Hiking Attire

If you’re venturing into the forest, long-sleeved shirts and pants are a barrier between you and the critters. Choose function over fashion; neon green might not be your color, but neither is mosquito bite red.

Evening Outfits

Dinner or dancing, Panama invites you to dress up. Bring elegant yet airy clothing, and remember that in some places, flip-flops are a fashion faux pas after sundown.


Your feet are your faithful companions – treat them kindly.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Closed-toe, comfortable shoes are non-negotiable for city strolling. Panama City’s cobblestones and sidewalks can be unforgiving to your precious soles.


When the heat is on, let your feet breathe with quality sandals. If they could, your toes would write you a thank you note.

Waterproof Boots

For the jungle trekkers, waterproof hiking boots are crucial. They’re like a trusty steed for your feet – keep them dry and comfortable amidst mud and streams.

Health and Safety

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good and staying healthy.

Sun Protection

A high SPF sunscreen and lip balm are your invisible armor against the solar onslaught.

Insect Repellent

In the tropics, insects are the reigning champions. Arm yourself with a powerful insect repellent and emerge victorious.

First-Aid Kit

A compact first-aid kit could be the hero of your trip. Bandages, antiseptics, and blister plasters are the unsung heroes of travel.


Don’t forget your prescription drugs, and consider anti-diarrheal medications – sometimes the culinary adventure can go awry.


Stay connected and powered up. The jungle might call, but so does Instagram.

Power Adapters

Power adapters are the link between your gadgets and the grid. Panama uses the same plugs as the US, but a converter never hurt anybody.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers are life-savers when you’re out conquering the day. Don’t let a dead phone kill your vibe.

Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is like a guardian angel for your device – water, sand, and unexpected splashes are no match.

Travel Documents

The paperwork isn’t glamorous, but it’s the skeleton key to your travels.

Passport and IDs

Keep your passport, IDs, and at least one photocopy safely tucked away.

Travel Insurance Information

Travel insurance is like a seatbelt – you don’t realize how important it is until you need it.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency contacts listed both in your wallet and phone could be the lifeline you never thought you’d need.

Miscellaneous Items

It’s the little things that can make or break an adventure.


A daypack is your trusty sidekick, ready to carry all your treasures and essentials.

Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle – Mother Earth will give you a nod of approval.

Snorkeling Gear

If you plan on exploring the underwater realms, snorkeling gear puts the wonders of the sea within reach.

Binoculars for Bird Watching

Bird enthusiasts, don’t forget your binoculars. Panama’s feathered friends are worth the extra weight.

From the bustling streets of Panama City to the serene beaches of Bocas del Toro, packing right is your ticket to a hassle-free Panama experience. Your suitcase should be a cornucopia of practicality, spiced up with a dash of elegance for those tropical nights. Adventure awaits, but so does the sun, rain, and an army of insects – come prepared to conquer them all.