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Introduction to Madeira Island

Madeira, Portugal’s floating garden, entices with its year-round spring climate, verdant landscapes, and craggy peaks. But let’s be real, you’re here to find out how much a trip to this Atlantic gem will cost. Let’s break down the expenses.

Accommodation Costs

Budget options

Penny pinchers, rejoice! Hostels and guesthouses might run you €15-€30 a night. Zona Velha is your go-to for affordable beds.

Mid-range hotels

For a step up, expect to fork out €50-€100 per night. You’ll find comfortable, well-located digs with the obligatory Portuguese tiles.

Luxury stays

Fancy folks can splurge on cliff-top resorts or quintas where €150-€300 a night buys you a slice of heaven, possibly with a side of Madeira wine.

Transportation on Madeira

Public transit options

Buses are your wallet-friendly chariots, with tickets under €5. Bonus: riding these can feel like a rollercoaster with those hairpin bends!

Car rental expenses

Freedom ain’t free. Renting a car can set you back €30-€50 a day. Worth it to discover those off-the-beaten-path miradouros.

Taxi and ride-sharing services

Taxis and rideshares are available, but they might eat into your pastel de nata budget. Stick to shorter trips to keep costs down.

Food and Dining Expenses

Local eateries and street food

For under €10, you can chow down on espetada or bolo do caco. Street food? Yes, please.

Mid-level restaurants

Spend €15-€30 per person and bask in the joy of a three-course seafood meal that doesn’t require selling a kidney.

High-end dining experiences

If you’re feeling posh, €50-€100 per person gets you into gastronomic paradises where the chefs kiss their ingredients.

Activity Costs

Free activities and attractions

Hit the levadas and soak in the scenery. Nature’s splendor, folks, and it’s on the house.

Guided tours and excursions

Part with €20-€50 for guided tours, whether you’re into wine tastings or exploring volcanic caves.

Adventure sports and special activities

Adrenaline junkies, paragliding and canyoning can cost €50-€100. Insurance might want a word afterward.

Daily Budget Breakdown

Sample budget for a budget traveler

Hostel bed: €20, Bus rides: €10, Meals: €15, Free walks: €0. Total: €45/day

Sample budget for a mid-range traveler

Mid-range hotel: €75, Car rental: €40, Meals: €30, Paid attractions: €40. Total: €185/day

Sample budget for a luxury traveler

Luxury room: €250, Taxi: €30, Fine dining: €100, Exclusive activities: €80. Total: €460/day

Money-Saving Tips

Discounts and deals

Sniff out those early bird discounts and last-minute offers like a bloodhound. They’re out there, waiting to be claimed.

Off-season travel advantages

Visiting from November to February could see prices drop faster than the temperature in Siberia. Fewer tourists, more bargains.


Madeira isn’t just a feast for the eyes but can be kind to your wallet too. Whether you’re scrimping or splurging, this island’s got you covered. Now, go indulge in that Madeira experience and tell your budget, "Obrigado."