Colorful, vibrant carnival celebration with costumes and excitement.

Barranquilla’s Carnival

History and Significance

The Carnaval de Barranquilla is a vibrant explosion of culture, an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage event that stands as one of the world’s largest carnivals. It’s a festivity that honors Colombia’s melting pot of Indigenous, African, and European cultures, with roots tracing back to the 19th century.

Main Attractions

Prepare to be dazzled by the flamboyant parades, shimmy alongside colorful folclóricas dance troupes, and get lost in the infectious rhythms of cumbia and mapalé music. Don’t miss the famous La Guacherna night parade, where lights and joy create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Queen of the Carnival

All hail the Queen of the Carnival, chosen for her dance skills and charisma—because in Barranquilla, rhythm is royalty.

Joyful carnival dancers in vibrant feathered costumes.

Feria de Cali

Salsa Music and Dance

The Feria de Cali is a salsa lover’s nirvana. The festival’s pulse is in its salsa concerts, competitions, and dance schools showcasing dizzying performances that could convince a statue to sway.

Bullfighting and Equestrian Events

While controversial, bullfighting remains a traditional part of the fair, alongside less contentious equestrian events. Marvel at the paso fino horses’ unique, rhythmic trot, a spectacle of equine elegance.

Cultural Shows and Parades

Cultural offerings are plentiful, with artisan markets, beauty pageants, and the iconic Salsódromo parade. Here, salsa isn’t just a dance; it’s the city’s heartbeat.

Website : Mundial de la Salsa

Vibrant dance floor scene at Cali's nightclub.

Flower Festival in Medellín

The Silleteros Parade

Highlighting the Flower Festival is the Silleteros Parade, where locals haul elaborate flower arrangements on their backs—a tradition derived from a time before vehicles could navigate the mountainous region.

Orchid, Bird, and Flower Exhibition

Visit the Orchid, Bird, and Flower Exhibition and find yourself whispering sweet nothings to award-winning blooms that might just whisper back if you listen closely.

Concerts and Artistic Events

Concerts and artistic events abound, where the intermingling of colors, scents, and sounds creates a canvas of festivity only Medellín can paint.

Traditional flower parade with vibrant blooms and spectators.

Cartagena International Music Festival

Classical Music Performances

The Cartagena International Music Festival serenades the charming streets with classical melodies. Think of it as Mozart on a Caribbean vacation—sun-kissed and sea-breezed.

Venues and Atmosphere

Performances unfold in the city’s historic venues, from ornate churches to open-air plazas, making each sonata feel like a secret rendezvous between the notes and the city’s stone walls.

Educational Workshops

Educational workshops offer a chance to rub elbows with maestros and argue over the merits of the harpsichord versus the piano—because who doesn’t love a good keyboard quarrel?

Colorful coastal town busy with pedestrians.

Holy Week Celebrations

Popayán Processions

In Popayán, the Holy Week processions are a solemn promenade of religious art and fervor. It’s like the city turns into a live-action museum of sacred history, draped in purple.

Mompox Traditions

Meanwhile, in Mompox, the traditions are steeped in a mystique that’s thick as the river it sits on, with rituals and architectural backdrops that’ll make you feel you’ve time-travelled to the Spanish colonial era.

Religious Significance

The religious significance is tangible, with devotees and onlookers blending into a mural of faith and local tradition—a spiritual detox for the soul.

Dates : From the 14th to the 20th of April 2019

Colonial architecture in a picturesque cobbled street at dusk.

Rock al Parque in Bogotá

Rock and Alternative Music

Rock al Parque is the granddaddy of Latin American rock festivals. Expect a lineup of both grizzled rock veterans and fresh-faced bands ready to electrify the masses.

Lineup and Schedules

Check the lineup and schedules in advance, as navigating this sea of rock requires strategy to catch your favorite acts and avoid mosh-pit whiplash.

Festival Culture

The festival culture here is pure rock ‘n’ roll—think headbanging, air guitars, and an unspoken camaraderie among fellow music lovers.

Bustling city street at sunset with historic architecture.

Amazonas Carnival in Leticia

Indigenous Cultural Exchange

In Leticia, the Amazonas Carnival is an indigenous cultural exchange with a vibe so authentic, even the toucans might join the party.

Amazonian Music and Dance

Delight in Amazonian music and dance that ricochets through the rainforest canopy, while local brews offer a taste of the wild side.

Ecotourism Activities

Ecotourism activities remind you that you’re celebrating in one of the planet’s most precious ecosystems—so party responsibly or the jaguars may judge you.

Misty tropical river village at sunrise with boats.

Wayuu Culture Festival in Uribia – Guajira

Indigenous Heritage and Traditions

Delve into the heart of Wayuu culture in Uribia, a festival pulsating with indigenous traditions. It’s a technicolor tapestry of Wayuu crafts, music, and dance, showcasing a rich cultural heritage.

The Wayuu Games

Experience the Wayuu Games, where locals compete in traditional sports. It’s a blend of strength, skill, and spirited rivalry, all wrapped in cultural significance.

Gastronomy and Crafts

Feast your senses on traditional Wayuu cuisine and marvel at intricate handicrafts. Each piece tells a story of a culture that has thrived in Colombia’s harsh desert.

Surreal desert oasis with colorful sand, water, and people.

Carnival of Blacks and Whites in Pasto

Cultural Fusion

This carnival is a whirlwind of history and harmony, symbolizing unity in diversity. Expect to be dazzled by a parade that’s a melting pot of Colombian cultures.

Day of Blacks and Day of Whites

Embrace the playful spirit on the Day of Blacks and Day of Whites, where everyone becomes a canvas for creativity with face paint, costumes, and laughter.

Artistic Displays

Marvel at the artistic floats and performances, a tribute to the ingenuity and artistic talent of Pasto’s people. This carnival isn’t just a party; it’s a living art gallery.

Colorful carnival celebration with costumes in historic town.

Petronio Alvarez Cali Music Festival

Afro-Colombian Rhythms

Get ready to sway to the soulful beats of Afro-Colombian music. This festival in Cali is a rhythmic journey, celebrating the cultural heritage of the Pacific Coast.

Musical Competitions and Workshops

Dive into musical competitions showcasing marimba masters and vocal virtuosos. Participate in workshops to get a deeper understanding of the music that moves Colombia.

Culinary and Fashion Extravaganza

Don’t miss the mouth-watering Afro-Colombian cuisine and fashion that sashays through the festival, adding an extra layer of sensory delight.

Vibrant outdoor concert with dynamic crowd and live musicians.

Yipao Festival in Armenia

Coffee Culture and Jeeps

In Armenia, coffee culture takes a backseat to the Yipao Festival, where the humble jeep is the star. Witness a parade of jeeps, loaded in impossibly creative ways.

The Willys Competitions

Cheer on the Willys competitions, where drivers showcase skillful and often gravity-defying feats with their jeeps. It’s a tribute to the vehicle that transformed the coffee landscape.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, complete with music, food, and a community spirit that celebrates the heart of Colombia’s coffee region in a uniquely mechanical fashion.

Colorful parade with decorated vehicle and cheering crowd.

Other Important Events and Carnivals by city

Other events take place depending on the region:

Events by Month

Calendar of fairs, parties, events, festivals and annual celebrations. Official civic and religious holidays in Colombia.












Conclusion: Planning Your Visit

Calendar of Events

Match your travel dates with the calendar of events. Colombia’s festivities are seasonal marvels not to be missed.

Accommodation and Travel Tips

Book accommodations early, as these events are not exactly a well-kept secret. Remember, a traveler who plans avoids the woes of the last-minute scrambler.

Experiencing Colombian Culture

Dive headfirst into the cultural mosaic that is Colombia. With an open heart and nimble feet, you’ll discover that Colombians don’t just celebrate—they elevate the art of festivity to dizzying heights.

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