Best Hikes in Brazil

Discover Brazil's top trails, from Chapada Diamantina to the Amazon.

Hikers on scenic trail amidst lush mountains and waterfalls.

Diversity of Brazilian Landscapes

With a land mass that rivals the continental U.S., Brazil’s hiking trails are as diverse as its Carnival costumes. From coastal sweeps to mountain peaks, and jungle treks that might have you brushing shoulders with more wildlife than fellow hikers, Brazil offers a trail for every type of adventure seeker.

Coastal Hikes

Beach bums with a penchant for rambling, rejoice! Brazil’s coastline stretches over 7,000 kilometers, offering sandy strolls and cliff-top trails with killer views. The Transcarioca Trail in Rio hugs the coastline for a whopping 180 km, if you fancy a long-distance challenge with beach pitstops.

Mountain Trails

If altitude is your attitude, the Brazilian Highlands will call out to your inner mountaineer. Pico da Bandeira, the third highest peak, provides a starlit trek to its summit, ideal for catching sunrise views without the breathlessness (mostly).

Jungle Expeditions

If you don’t mind the possibility of a parrot out-chattering you, the Amazon and Atlantic rainforests offer trails that could make Indiana Jones envious. Don’t forget your machete – kidding, but seriously, pack insect repellent.

Hiking in the Southeast

Pedra da Gávea – Rio de Janeiro

Behold the monolithic Pedra da Gávea, towering over Rio. It’s a tough climb, but your reward is a selfie spot that’s second to none – where you can flex and say, "I conquered that!"

Serra dos Órgãos National Park – Rio de Janeiro

Serra dos Órgãos is a mountain range that resembles an organ’s pipes – if organs were made by Mother Nature and played a symphony of stunning vistas. The park’s famous Finger of God rock formation is a testament to Earth’s artistic flair.

Trilha do Ouro – São Paulo

Once trodden by gold hunters, the Gold Trail is now a lush escape for hikers who prefer their treasure in the form of waterfalls and colonial history – not a bad trade.

Hiking in the Northeast

Chapada Diamantina National Park – Bahia

A hiker’s mirage turned reality, Chapada Diamantina is the crown jewel of Bahia with its flat-topped mountains that look like they’ve been chopped by a celestial samurai.

Vale do Pati – Bahia

Vale do Pati is for those who like their hikes with a side of culture – think homestays and local cuisine. It’s trekking with a purpose, and the purpose is cheese-filled pastries.

Hiking in the South

Itaimbezinho Canyon – Rio Grande do Sul

Itaimbezinho is Brazil’s answer to the Grand Canyon, albeit greener and with fewer tourists. The canyon’s vertiginous trails aren’t for the faint-hearted or anyone who’s ever questioned their balance.

Monte Roraima – Northern Brazil

Yes, it’s technically in the north, but Monte Roraima defies all geographical pigeonholing with its tabletop mountain that inspired Conan Doyle’s "The Lost World." Spoiler: there are no dinosaurs, but the views are prehistoric-level epic.

Hiking in the Central-West

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park – Goiás

Waterfalls, canyons, and crystal mines – Chapada dos Veadeiros is like Mother Nature’s amusement park. The park’s high quartz concentration might not improve your cell service, but it’s said to do wonders for your chakras.

Jalapão State Park – Tocantins

This is the outback of Brazil, where Jalapão seduces with its dunes, rivers, and waterfalls. It’s like the Sahara met the Amazon and they had a beautiful, sandy, watery baby.

Amazonian Adventures

Amazon Rainforest Hikes

If the idea of being in the world’s largest rainforest excites you more than a free caipirinha, the myriad trails of the Amazon await. Just remember, it’s not the heat – it’s the humidity (and the mosquitos).

Safety and Conservation Tips

Brazil’s trails aren’t your backyard, so respect is key. Stick to marked trails, support local communities, and whatever you do, don’t feed the wildlife – they’ve got their own diet plans. And for heaven’s sake, tell someone where you’re going, because "missing in the jungle" is a terrible Facebook status.

Embrace the Brazilian wilderness with gusto, but tread lightly. Pack out what you pack in, and maybe throw in a little samba step for good measure. After all, this is Brazil – where even the hikes can dance.