Colorful festival in Brazilian town square with dancing people.

Discover Rio de Janeiro

Visit Christ the Redeemer

Standing tall with open arms, the Christ the Redeemer statue is a must-see, offering panoramic views that will steal your breath faster than a pickpocket on the metro.

Explore Sugarloaf Mountain

Hop into a cable car and be whisked away to Sugarloaf Mountain. The views are so stunning, you’ll want to break up with your smartphone’s camera for not doing them justice.

Relax on Copacabana Beach

Unwind on the iconic Copacabana Beach, where the sand is as golden as the tan lines you’ll sport after a day under the sizzling Brazilian sun.

Experience Carnival

Dive headfirst into the glitz and glam of Rio’s Carnival. It’s an explosion of color and samba that will make your most vibrant pajamas look downright funereal.

Explore Amazon Rainforest

Take a River Cruise

Float down the mighty Amazon on a river cruise. It’s like a lazy river ride, but with actual wildlife and without the chlorine.

Visit an Indigenous Tribe

Journey to an indigenous tribe and learn that ‘living off the grid’ can involve more than just ignoring work emails.

Spot Wildlife on a Jungle Trek

Embark on a jungle trek; the wildlife is more eclectic than the guests at an avant-garde art show opening.

Enjoy the Iguazu Falls

Adventure Activities

Zip-lining and rafting around Iguazu Falls—because sometimes you need a little adrenaline with your natural wonders.

Panoramic Views

The panoramic views here will have your eyes feasting like they’ve been on a diet of office walls and cubicle screens.

Experience Salvador’s Culture

Historical Pelourinho District

Wander the Pelourinho District with its pastel-colored colonial buildings that look like a candy store for your camera.

Afro-Brazilian Cuisine

Devour Afro-Brazilian cuisine that’ll make you contemplate why your kitchen is full of bland utensils instead of tropical spices.

Attend a Capoeira Show

Catch a capoeira show and see bodies flip and spin with more grace than a politician dodging questions.

Dive into São Paulo’s Urban Jungle

Art and Culture at MASP

The MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo) has art so captivating, you might just forget to check your phone notifications.

Taste the Street Food

Get your taste buds dirty with São Paulo’s street food—it’s like a culinary mosh pit, flavorful and unapologetic.

Wander Ibirapuera Park

Take a stroll in Ibirapuera Park, the green lung of the city, where the trees are so lush, they might just inspire you to become a plant parent.

Visit the Pantanal Wetlands

Horseback Riding

Saddle up for horseback riding in the Pantanal and pretend you’re in a dramatic telenovela escape scene—minus the cameras.

Bird Watching

The bird watching here turns everyone into an ornithologist, even if your previous bird knowledge was limited to the last chicken dinner you had.

Unwind in Florianopolis

Surf at Joaquina Beach

Catch a wave at Joaquina Beach, where the surf’s always up, and the biggest worry is whether your swimwear is socially acceptable.

Lagoa da Conceição

Relax by Lagoa da Conceição, a lagoon so serene, it’s like Mother Nature’s version of a spa day.

Colonial Charm in Ouro Preto

Explore Baroque Architecture

Get lost among Ouro Preto’s baroque architecture, where each building is like a history lesson without the monotone professor.

Visit Historical Mines

The historical mines here are a gold rush throwback, minus the stubbly prospectors and dysentery.

Discover Brazilian Cuisine

Try Feijoada

Tuck into a hearty feijoada, a stew so rich and deep, it puts most novel plots to shame.

Sample Street Food Delicacies

Nibble on street food delicacies that are more experimental than a teenager’s first attempt at laundry.

Savor Moqueca

Indulge in moqueca, a seafood dish that’s a beach holiday for your mouth.

Enjoy Brazil’s Beach Life

Bask on Ipanema Beach

Soak up the sun on Ipanema Beach where the people-watching is so engaging, you’ll forget to blink.

Snorkel in Fernando de Noronha

Submerge in the crystalline waters of Fernando de Noronha to snorkel with fish that are more colorful than a box of crayons left in the sun.

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara

Surf the wind in Jericoacoara, a kitesurfer’s paradise where the breeze is as reliable as a Brazilian soap opera plot twist.

Attend Festivals and Events

New Year’s Eve at Copacabana

Ring in the New Year at Copacabana Beach amid fireworks that outshine your fanciest glittery outfit.

Parintins Folklore Festival

Immerse yourself in the Parintins Folklore Festival, a cultural buffet so rich, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled through a time warp.

Oktoberfest in Blumenau

Experience Oktoberfest in Blumenau and understand that Germans and Brazilians share a love for beer so deep, it could be the foundation of world peace.

Sustainable Tourism

Support Eco-lodges

Stay at eco-lodges where the only footprint you’ll leave behind is the one in your biodegradable flip-flops.

Volunteer Opportunities

Grab a volunteer opportunity and give back to the community so you can make a difference and not just your Instagram followers jealous.

Learn Portuguese

Language Schools

Hit up a language school and learn Portuguese. It’s like Spanish’s sassy cousin that dances better.

Practice with Locals

Practicing with locals is the best way to learn; they’re so friendly, you’ll be chatting about life, love, and football in no time.

Tips for Travelers

Best Time to Visit

Aim for the sweet spot between March and November when the weather’s nice, and you’re not sharing your caipirinha with every tourist in the hemisphere.

Safety Recommendations

Keep an eye on your belongings like they’re newborns in a maternity ward, and trust your instincts more than a GPS with a penchant for ‘shortcuts.’

Getting Around

Navigate the country with a mix of public transportation and domestic flights. It’s like a puzzle that rewards you with breathtaking destinations instead of just a completed picture.