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Old Town

Strolling through Cartagena’s Old Town is like stepping into a page from Gabriel García Márquez’s magical realism – minus the occasional street vendor breaking the spell. Colonial architecture, horse-drawn carriages, and the wall that encircles this historic center contribute to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean beaches of Cartagena invite with their warm, aquamarine waters. Playa Blanca on Barú Island is the sort of beach that vacation brochures promise but seldom deliver – think powdery sand and cocktail vendors with a Ph.D. in relaxation.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

The Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas looms over Cartagena like a guardian. This fortress is a testament to Spanish military engineering and a solid (literally) option for history buffs looking to burn calories scaling its ramparts.

Colorful coastal town at sunrise with historic architecture


Botero Plaza

Botero Plaza showcases the voluptuous sculptures of Fernando Botero, the artist who certainly never envisioned a skinny jeans commercial. His art is impossible to ignore, just like that aunt who insists on feeding you more, no matter how full you are.

Comuna 13

Once notorious, Comuna 13 is now a canvas for vibrant street art. Its transformation from dangerous to must-see is the urban equivalent of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – if that butterfly was adept at hip-hop and graffiti.

Medellín Cable Cars

The Medellín Cable Cars aren’t just a means to cross the city’s hilly terrain; they’re an airborne adventure offering panoramic views. They’re like Medellín’s answer to a skyscraper observation deck, minus the elevator music.

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La Candelaria

La Candelaria is Bogotá’s bohemian heart, with cobblestone streets and colonial charm that make you want to write poetry, even if your last poem was in middle school and about a crush who never knew you existed.


Monserrate is a mountain that offers both a spiritual journey and a workout. The view from the top is so expansive it could turn a flat-earther into a globe-trotter.

Gold Museum

The Gold Museum dazzles with pre-Hispanic gold artifacts that would make even the wealthiest pharaohs green with envy – a clear indication that bling is not a 21st-century invention.

Bustling city street at sunset with historic architecture.


Salsa Clubs

Cali’s Salsa Clubs are where you learn that Colombians don’t just walk to a rhythm; they salsa to it. If your hips are as flexible as a government policy, this is the place to loosen up.

Cali Zoo

Cali Zoo is a surprising oasis of wildlife that prompts the question: “Am I still in a city?” It’s a must-visit, especially for those who like their animals more exotic and less “pigeon in the park.”

Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey stands like a serene sentinel over Cali. The statue is not just for the devout; it’s for anyone who appreciates a good hike and a selfie with a giant Jesus.

Vibrant dance floor scene at Cali's nightclub.

Coffee Triangle

Salento and Cocora Valley

Salento and the Cocora Valley are the real deal for those seeking the verdant soul of Colombia. With wax palms so tall, you’ll wonder if they’re angling for a high-five from the clouds, this is nature showing off.

Coffee Farm Tours

Coffee Farm Tours in Colombia offer a chance to see where your morning pick-me-up starts. It’s like meeting a celebrity but finding out they’re actually seeds in a bush and not as glamorous as you imagined.

Thermal Springs

The Thermal Springs near the Coffee Triangle provide a natural spa day. It’s the earth’s way of saying, “You look stressed; have a soak on me.”

Farmers harvesting coffee in lush hillside plantation.

Amazon Rainforest


Leticia is the off-the-beaten-path city that acts as your gateway to the Amazon. It’s where concrete jungle meets the real jungle, and the locals are likely to include a parrot in their daily gossip.

Amazon River Tours

Amazon River Tours offer the chance to glide through the world’s most famous river, where the wildlife is as diverse as the stories of mythical creatures lurking below the water’s surface.

Indigenous Communities

Meeting Indigenous Communities in the Amazon is the ultimate cultural exchange, minus the language barrier frustrations. It’s a chance to learn that sometimes a smile or a dance is the most profound way to communicate.

Misty tropical river village at sunrise with boats.

San Andrés and Providencia

Beaches and Reefs

San Andrés and Providencia boast beaches and reefs that are the stuff of legend – and screensavers. The Sea of Seven Colors is not an exaggeration; it’s a reminder that nature has a better color palette than any Instagram filter.

Johnny Cay

Johnny Cay is an idyllic islet where the biggest decision you’ll make is whether to sip a coconut on the beach now or in ten minutes.

Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Park

Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Park is a haven for marine life and snorkelers who prefer their fish live and not on a plate.

Scuba divers exploring vibrant coral reef underwater

The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)

Trek Information

The trek to the Lost City is a sweaty, grueling multi-day affair that makes you question your life choices but leaves you with bragging rights and calves of steel.

Archaeological Significance

The Archaeological Significance of Ciudad Perdida rivals that of Machu Picchu, minus the crowds and with a feeling that Indiana Jones might pop out at any moment.

Hikers exploring misty tropical rainforest trail at sunrise


El Peñón de Guatapé

El Peñón de Guatapé is a monolithic rock that sticks out like a sore thumb – if that thumb was 200 meters high and offered a killer view. Climbing its 700+ stairs is a pilgrimage for your glutes.

Colorful Zócalos

The colorful zócalos (baseboards) of Guatapé make the town look like it was painted by a rainbow on a sugar high. It’s the epitome of Colombian zest for life in architectural form.

Water Activities

Water activities in Guatapé include everything from jet-skiing to languid boat rides. It’s a perfect way to work off the calories from all those arepas you’ve been devouring.

Colorful town with mountain backdrop at sunset.