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How to call Cuba from abroad and how to call abroad from the island.

To call Cuba from abroad, enter the international code (00) followed by the Cuba area code (53), then enter the prefix and number you wish to call.

For example, to call the Spanish embassy in Havana (866 80 25), type: 00+53+866 80 25.

How do telephone calls to Cuba work?

Making a phone call from Cuba is quite easy, both for local and international calls.

Public telephones allow you to make direct local calls that can be paid for with Convertible Cuban Pesos (CUC) or with the phone cards that are on sale in different hotels, communication centers, ETECSA offices, and even in some phone booths.

International calls can be made from hotels.

Can we use our mobile phone in Cuba?

Roaming agreements exist with the majority of international mobile phone companies; and if your phone uses GSM with 900 Mhz band (the European standard) or TDMA with 800 Mhz band (the American standard), there should be no problem to use your phone in Cuba. You may still need to activate your phone with a local company. If you wish, you can rent a mobile phone in Cuba.

Useful numbers :
Emergency: 106.
Telephone information: 113.
Police: 106.
Fire Brigade: 105.

Telephone prefixes for local calls to Cuba:

Ancon: 419.
Baconao: 223
Baracoa: 21
Cabarien: 42
Camagüey (city): 322
Cayo Coco y Cayo Guillermo: 33
Cayo Largo del Sur: 45
Ciego de Ávila (city): 33
Cienfuegos (city): 432
Florida: 32
Granma: 23
Holguín: 24
La Habana: 7
City of Las Tunas: 31
City of Matanzas (city): 52
Morón: 335
Pinar del Río (city): 82
Playa Covarrubias: 31
Playa Girón y Playa Larga: 59
Playa Santa Lucía: 32
Remedios: 42
Sancti Spíritus: 41
Santa Clara (city): 422
Santiago de Cuba (city): 226
Santiago de Cuba (province): 22
Pantyhose tops: 42
Trinidad: 419
Valle de Viñales: 8
Varadero: 45

Where can I connect to the Internet?

In Cuba, you will be able to connect to the Internet at most hotels.

Outside Cuba, Internet access is limited, and the easiest way to do so is at the various “Telepoints” that you will find scattered throughout the country, mainly in the large cities of each province.

The approximate price of the TelePoints is 6 CUC per hour and to be able to have Internet you will have a card that includes a user number and a temporary password.

These cards are valid at any Telepoint, so it is not necessary and essential to use the full hour during the same session because the cards are reusable.

It is important to note that Wi-Fi connection is almost non-existent in Cuba (except in the best hotels).

This is why connections are generally made via a network cable.


To call Cuba from abroad:

  • To a landline: International exit code + Cuba code (53) + City code + desired phone number.
  • To a mobile phone: International exit code + Cuba code (53) + desired mobile number.

To call from Cuba to the outside:

  • From one mobile phone to another: International exit code (119) + Country code + City code + Desired number
  • From a mobile to a landline: International exit code (119) + Country code + Number desired.

You should know that:

  • All mobile phones in Cuba start with the number 5.
  • Calls from abroad to mobile phones in Cuba are free of charge for the receiver.
  • Calls from a jo to a mobile phone, inside Cuba, recharge the balance of the mobile.

Mobile phone

It is operated by Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A (Etecsa), which is available in 900 Mhz throughout the country in GSM and 3G, available only for Roaming IN service on the north coast of the country (Havana, Varadero, Cayos de Villa Clara and Cayos de Ciego de Ávila) and in the provincial capitals.

It also has GSM access in the 850 Mhz, with coverage limited to: Havana City, Varadero, Ciego de Ávila, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Holguín (Airport and Guardalavaca).
Upon arrival in the country you can hire the services of Cubacel to buy a phone if you do not have your own and rent the line for which you must make an initial deposit of 10.00 CUC and 3.00 CUC per day for the duration of the activation.

To enjoy the 3G Network in Cuba, the customer must be in an area under 3G coverage and the terminal of his cell phone must be compatible with the WCDMA standard in the frequency of 900 MHz.

Recharges in Etecsa’s commercial network:

Multiservice Telecommunication Centers:

They operate from Monday to Sunday, for 12 hours, with services of sale and recharge of prepaid cards, sale of equipment and accessories, marketing of mobile services, national and international calls from public phones, Internet access, among others.

Mini Points:

Distributed throughout the cities, they offer basic services such as the sale and reloading of prepaid cards.

For more information about Cubacel’s activities you can call the toll-free number 118. Or check out their website.

Internet access and Nauta

This service is offered through the Nauta access accounts in the navigation rooms and in the wireless connection spaces (WiFi), enabled in different public places throughout the country (previous hiring through prepaid cards).

Internet services are mostly found in hotels, tourist facilities and cyber cafés in the main cities.

Useful telephones in Cuba

  • Ambulances: 104
  • Anti-drug: 103
  • National Revolutionary Police (PNR)/ Emergencies: 106
  • Firemen: 105
  • Rescue and Rescue Center: 107 – PNR/ Information request: 18 806

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