Colorful colonial street at sunset with flowers.

Located in the southwestern region of Antioquia, 134 km from Medellín. It enjoys public recognition for the majesty of its cathedral and the architecture of its main park, declared a national monument; also, for its trout farms and mills, where you can learn about the cultivation of trout and the production of panela. It has a temperate climate, natural attractions and a varied hotel offer.

Jardin : Travel Essentials

Best things to do in Jardin : Visit Parque Libertador, Immaculada Concepcion Basilic, Wander the streets, Paragliding, Cueva Del Esplandor Trail, Coffee tour, Horse Riding, Cueva De Los Guacharos Waterfall, La Escalera Waterfall, and more.

Best Luxury Hotels in Jardin : Hotel La Plantación, Passiflor Hotel

Best medium Range hotels in Jardin :

Best Cheap Hostels in Jardin : Sergent Peppers, Casa Luna

How to get to Jardin : from Medellin, head to Terminal del Sur. The journey can take between 3 and 4 hours. Bus Ticket cost around 26.000 Cop.
From Eje Cafetero, you’ll need to change bus in Rio Sucio

Best Local Travel Agency : Cueva Del Esplandor, Jardin De Aventure

Jardin Wiki

  • 224 km² of land
  • 19 °C
  • 13.748 inhabitants
  • Jardineño, -a

Things to do and see in Jardin

Parque el Libertador

El Libertador Park is made up of houses, gardens and balconies of republican style, which make it one of the main attractions of the municipality. The harmony is achieved by the balance of its components: architecture, pedestrian paths and a permanent link with the natural landscape.

These characteristics led to the park being declared a national monument in 1985. The floor was built with stone extracted from the Tapartó River. The chairs located in the park for tourists have images of the municipality painted by local artists on their backs. Its gardens display rose bushes, francesinas, ceibas, arbutus and guayacanes.

Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción

Church of the Immaculate Conception. Minor Basilica It was built between 1918 and 1942. It is made of carved stone and houses works of religious art considered of historical value. The semi-gothic style, arches, capitals, bells and altars that characterize the building allowed it to be declared a national monument in 1985.

Trucheria in Jardín

The trout farms, located in the vereda La Salada, 3 km from the urban center, allow visitors to practice sport fishing and taste the fish obtained from there. It is also possible to learn about the process of panel production in a mill that works thanks to a water mill.

Cueva del Esplendor

The Cueva del Esplendor is perforated by a waterfall of approximately 40 meters high, through which the sun’s rays pass. To reach the place you must hire a vehicle that travels from the main square to the Alto de Las Flores, and then take a walk of about three hours. In this site it is possible to practice rappel and horseback riding. It is located in the La Linda trail, 10 km from the urban center.

How to Get to La Cueva del Esplandor ?

Option 1 : Take a tour with the Agency Cueva Del Esplandor, that takes you in 4×4 To very close to the site. Price 55.000 Cop aprox.
Option 2: by our own. Go by car or moto until “Alto De Las Flores” then hike 1h30 untill the entrance. where you will pay 20.000 Cop

La escalera waterfall

The Cascada la Escalera is only 18 minutes from the town of Jardín and can be reached by car and 1 hour walking. It is recommended that you go with a large group so you can enjoy nature in company.

The hike to Cascada la Escalera is by unpaved road where you can observe mountains, flowers, guayacanes, pine trees, birds and other hikers who breathed like us, fresh air and tranquility.

To get to La Escalera Waterfall you must take route 56 from Alto La Viña. After this, you will have to head towards the town of Las Capillas. Then, you will have to enter a greenish area with an incredible biodiversity. Walking along the path that will be revealed in front of you, you will reach these waterfalls without any hurry, a visual delight awaits you!

This unique waterfall is only 15 minutes from the town of Jardín and can be reached by car or walking. It is recommended that you go with a large group so that you can enjoy nature in company. Although, if you are a solitary person, you can take this trip to the waterfall as a moment of personal encounter, so you can get in touch with nature a little more!

Cueva de los Guácharos

The cueva de los Guácharos is located in the upper part of the La Salada stream, five kilometers from the municipality. It is a waterfall that falls between the mountains that rise around a cave, where the Guácharos live.

how to get there ?how to get there? It is not recommended to go alone, you pass through a primary forest or the path gets lost in the vegetation, mud passages to the ankles. We then recommend you to take a local guide

Cascada Salto del Angel

Salto del Angel Waterfall is a waterfall with an approximate height of 80 m, from the top of which you can see the landscape of the area. To reach this place it is necessary to be accompanied by a guide. It is located in the village of La Salada, on the border with the municipality of Támesis, 15 km from the urban center.

Camino de la Herrera

The stone road (Camino de la Herrera) opened in 1858 by Don Indalecio Pelaez and Anito Orozco. A year earlier, in 1857, Anito sold Indalecio 500 hectares that would be the area where Jardin was founded in 1963. Don Indalecio built his Hacienda in what is currently known as the Hotel Hacienda Balandú, therefore possibly this was the purpose of building this road, besides that it would later be used for the connection with the municipality of Riosucio.

Museo de la Casa de la Cultura Clara Rojas Peláez

In the Museo de la Casa de la Cultura Clara Rojas Peláez of republican style, located in the plaza and considered local architectural heritage, there are several museum collections of the municipality, including an ethnographic sample in ceramics attributed to indigenous communities in the area; saints made of polychrome wood, some belonging to the eighteenth century, and antique wooden furniture. On one of its walls there is a mural with images of the history of Jardín.

How to get from Medellín to Jardin Antioquia

The distance between Medellín and Jardín department of Antioquia is 131 km and the estimated travel time by bus is approximately 3 hours. The overland trip between Medellin and Jardin may vary depending on the bus stops along the route and traffic conditions.

Once in Medellin you must go to the Terminal del Sur, if you want to arrive by Metro you have to board it in the direction of Poblado Station, then get out and take a cab that in 10 minutes leaves you at the terminal. The cost of the bus ticket is approximately $26,000.

Getting around to Jardin renting a car

If you want to take a road trip in Colombia and have the freedom to visit the area at your own pace, a good idea is to rent a car. Here you can compare the available offers and rent a car at the best price.

Jardin in 3 days

Day 1

Cueva del Esplendor
Parque Libertador
Visit the Basilica Menor de la Immaculada Concepcion

Day 2

Cascada Del Amor y Charco Corazon (20 min hike from Jardin)
Montar en la Garrucha
Avistamiento del Gallito de Roca
Cafe en Macanas Jardin

Day 3

Cristo Rey y Cafe Jardin
Montar en Parapente
Visitar Dulces de Jardin

What to pack for Jardín Antioquia

The climate in Jardín is approximately 19°C, use clothes that are not too warm, and comfortable shoes for the tours in the different places of the municipality. Do not forget to use sunscreen and pack a bathing suit.

For the different tours it is advisable to bring hydration and some food, since, according to the place you visit, you will not find stores or restaurants nearby. Do not forget your camera, because every step you take you will find beautiful scenery worthy of a good photograph.

What to see in Jardín

Jardín is a wonderful place, at the entrance, what you will see will be a main square, characteristic of the small Colombian towns, in the square is the Basilica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción, it is worth to enter and admire the beauty in its neo-gothic architecture.

The square is characterized by its colorful chairs and tables where every day tourists and locals sit to share a delicious coffee and enjoy the scenery of the mountains that decorate the town, in this square are most of the hotels and hostels and a variety of restaurants.

If you are planning your visit to this tourist destination, you should have at least 3 days available to walk around the municipality and get to know the important places in it.

For example, one of the most visited places by travelers in Jardín is the Cueva de los Guácharos, in fact, it has the same name, but it is a different place from the [PNN Cueva de los guácharos] in Huila.

However, it is a place that gets its name for the same reason, because in this cave there is a species of birds known as the Guácharos, it is a very unique species because it is a nocturnal bird that has a location system similar to bats. To get to this place you can find transportation in town, there are jeeps available and guides who will accompany you with kindness.

The Vereda la Salada is part of the municipality of Jardín, in this area is the cave of the guácharos, but also another attraction, it is the Salto del Ángel waterfall that has a fall of approximately 50 meters and is surrounded by a wonderful landscape, a very nice place to rest and is only 15 minutes walk from the cave of the guácharos. If you make the tour of the cave and the waterfall, you will have to have a day.

On the other hand, one of the most important places for tourists is the Encanto Cave, this place must be entered with a guide and you must book your entrance in advance because the people in charge of the place only allow a number of people per day, in the garden village you can make a reservation with a very complete plan that includes refreshments and a guide. This cave is also known as the Cave of Splendor because there is a large hole at the top of the cave through which a stream of water enters, this is a wonderful scenario.

Jardín, without a doubt, is a tourist destination not to be missed, in addition to observing beautiful colonial architecture and cobblestone roads, you will have a natural encounter where you can rest, be in tranquility and forget the typical stress of the city. There is a lot to do in Jardín Antioquía, from visiting a variety of waterfalls and water sources, to bird watching, a magnificent experience.

Hotels in Jardín Antioquia

Jardín Antioquia is a very touristic town, so there are a variety of hotels and hostels for tourists. You can find rooms from 50,000 to 200,000 per night, it all depends on your needs and your monetary availability, the offer is very varied and you are sure to find a good place. Its hotels have a characteristic and it is that they are of colonial architecture, so you will feel in a different and pleasant space.
Hotel El Paraíso

Restaurant in Jardín Antioquia

Regarding where to eat in Jardín, we can say that there are many restaurants, most of them in the main square and some others around the town. In these restaurants you will be served all the typical paisas food. You cannot leave this municipality without tasting the coffee from there, it is a coffee grown in these lands and it is of organic origin, really delicious. You will also be able to taste sweets and drinks.

Jardin Travel FAQ

How to get to Jardín Antioquia?

Jardín is located in Antioquia in the city of Medellín. To get to this tourist destination you must go to Medellin, the city of eternal spring, to get there you can do it by land or air, from Medellin to Jardin there are at least 134 kilometers of travel, so when you arrive in Medellin, you must go to the south terminal and take a bus that will take you to the municipality of Jardin. This trip will take between 3 or 4 hours.