Barichara Travel Guide

Barichara insights: Access, attractions, accommodations, costs

Colonial town at sunrise with mountains and cobblestone street.

Things to do and see in Barichara

Colonial road leading to Guane

From Barichara, walk along the Camino Real, an old mule track, leading to Guane (2h descent).

This colonial jewel offers a very special atmosphere with its whitewashed “barque” (cobblestone) houses, cobbled streets and a small archaeological museum.

guane colombia
Barichara Travel Guide – Camino Real – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

City of Giron

This colonial village, located 30 minutes from Bucaramanga airport, is a foretaste of the Santander valley.

Not far away, the coffee and tobacco plantations offer remarkable landscapes.

Enjoy a walk among the coffee trees to learn about the process of making this famous drink and observe the many birds.

Possibility to stay in a renowned hacienda

Chicamocha Canyon.

45 minutes from San Gil and 1 hour from Bucaramanga, the immense Chicamocha canyon plunges to a depth of 2 km and is more than 20 km long.

From the Natural Park of Chichamocha (Panachi), you can enjoy a breathtaking view of this spectacle of nature.

You can also cross the canyon thanks to the longest cable car in Latin America (more than 6 km).

You will then overhang the Chicamocha river which flows into the Fonce and Suarez rivers, allowing exceptional descents in rafting or canoeing.

chicamocha colombia
Barichara Travel Guide – Canyon de Chicamocha – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

Rafting in the region of San Gil

At 2h30 from Bucaramanaga, San Gil is the starting point for many sports excursions: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hydrospeed, cycling, abseiling, speleology…

Less charming than Barichara, it is mainly frequented for its outdoor activities and for ecotourism.

Note: For this kind of activities, privilege the dry season (June to September – December to February).

llanos extreme sport colombia
Barichara Travel Guide – Rafting in San gil – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

Hacienda El Roble

For a relaxing stay and an introduction to Colombian coffee, enjoy the green setting of our upscale hacienda.

You will learn the whole process of one of the best coffees in the country in a relaxing atmosphere.

hacienda el roble colombia
Barichara Travel Guide – Hacienda El Roble – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

Canyon de las Gachas

How to get to Barichara

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